Easy House Number Project

Currently the house number on our mailbox for our house is simply some of the white stickers with plain black numbers.  It doesn’t look bad, just basic, boring, etc.

Here is the before picture:


So I have been wanting to spruce this up some but needed a cheap way to do it. From the store I got the following supplies:


The board plaque I got from WalMart for $6. The numbers were purchased from Lowes for about $1 each, and the spray paint was left over from another project but its just the cheap $1 brand.

After I spray painted the board white (sorry no pictures, it was windy and I didn’t want to spray the camera!), I spaced out the numbers by eye and nailed them down with my basic small hammer.


Here is how the board turned out with the numbers nailed on.


And finally, here is how it turned out on the mailbox! I’m not sure why but the one number isn’t showing up great in photos.


After taking this picture, I realized there is another ugly sign on the other side of the mailbox. Guess I have to make another one of these!