Easter Basket

This year I went really simple with DJs Easter basket. We love the holiday to celebrate Christ’s resurrection but I want to keep this a lower key holiday. Honestly I don’t even know if we made her an Easter basket last year (she would have been about 7 months old).

So this year I picked out one fun toy, a craft supply which we needed, and a piece of candy.

The toy is shape sorter eggs and I think she will love them. At 18 months she’s getting better a matching and knows that eggs are supposed to crack open. So these eggs hopefully will be perfect.

The craft supply is some paints. Even though she does a craft project everyday at school it’s still nice to be creative at home.

Lastly for a candy I avoided the chocolate bunny or cross because she doesn’t need that much chocolate and neither do I. The other day she saw these mini m&ms at the store and wanted them. They will be a good treat in small doses.

We can’t wait to celebrate Easter with family!


Here is another picture of us enjoying the one afternoon of nice weather this weekend. We are ready for spring!



We are all itching for spring around here.  It has been a late winter but now its March and still cold.  I was cleaning out a spaghetti squash the other week and thought hmm, I wonder if I could plant these things.  Not even sure how to go about it, a quick google search told me to wash the seeds and put them in a baggie to see if they would germinate (sprout).  Sure enough, almost all of my little seeds had a few sprouts in just a couple of days.

Last weekend I dragged DJ out front and told her we were going to dig in the dirt and plant seeds.  She wasn’t too sure what it was all about.  She tried to help dig a hole but got frustrated with the dirt on her hands.  But, once I had a good trench dug, she was more than happy to help drop the seeds in one by one.  She had even more fun with the next step which was watering the seeds.  Every day since, we come home and she shouts “Seeds Seeds” and wants to water them!

And look at what popped up this week, our little seeds!


She loves to stand on the patio and pour the water onto the little sprouts.  At some point we will have to go through a biology lesson teaching her that now they are technically plants and no longer “Seeds Seeds”.


We are finally enjoying some warmer weather and hope that we have had our last cold snap!  Bring on the Spring!


Walks with DJ


I’m sorry family up North, but we are enjoying some beautiful winter weather. Most days it feels more like spring. DJ loves to get outside and Mason is always out with us. He is such a good dog and stays in the yard so we never put a leash on him. But lately she has been wanting to take him for a walk and hold the leash. There is a nice dead end road by our house so its pretty safe for her to walk on since we don’t have sidewalks.


Here they are all set to go. He is so good and doesn’t pull her. I’m glad we spent lots of time training him. 20130201-135247.jpg

They are so sweet together. The road to the right is the dead end that we walk down.


She is pretty independent these days but usually after a few steps she turns around to make sure Mom or Dad are with her.


On this walk, I pointed out this stop sign. I am not sure she knows what the word stop means, but she thought I said it was a “stomp” sign. She was stomping her feet all over the street!