Growing Up

Tomorrow is a big day for me  at work.  I have been doing some work with an external group which has been a lot of work but also very challenging.  Tomorrow one of the reps from the other firm is coming to visit for a meeting with our “Head Honcho”.  After the 2 hour meeting her and I are going to lunch.

I’m not sure exactly what that means though.  Does that mean I am taking her to lunch?  Do I have to drive???  Do I have to pay??? Where should we go??? I’m not totally sure how to handle this!  I have a location in mind that I would love to take her but I am afraid it might be too casual.  However, its a really great lunch place, very casual, all fresh food (salads and sandwiches).  It is right around the corner from the office and never too busy so that should work well.  Even though its so close, another aspect I am concerned about is how to get there.  Its just a bit too far away to walk unless you are wearing comfortable shoes and its not super hot outside.  I am hoping she has a nice clean rental car and offers to drive because that would be really easy too.  I guess though, just in case neither of those situations work out, I am going to clean out one of our trucks just in case I have to offer to drive.

Wish me luck!