Magic Kingdom – Part 2

Since it was 10 am and we had three major rides done, we wanted to get one more big one out of the way early on.  We stopped in line for the Winnie the Pooh ride.  This one has a neat interactive line.  It was helpful but DJ was already on the point of a meltdown and she couldn’t really enjoy the fun activities they had set up for the kids.  Little games were throughout the line like gophers popping up from the ground and honey streaming down a screen that you could draw “art” in.  Sadly, this was probably our most disappointing ride of the day.  The ride itself moved very quickly and was a big jerky.  There were no songs that you could enjoy through the ride and just a lot of flashy stuff as you went by.  It was a very short ride and we weren’t really disappointed to get off.

Right after riding Little Mermaid

Next, we headed over to use our Fast Pass on Peter Pan.  This ride books up quickly so we were happy to be able to walk right on.  Since GiGi and AL didn’t have a Fast Pass they found some shade and waited.   The ride went pretty fast but was really cute.  Flying on a boat and the entire ride you are looking down at Neverland and the various scenes.  DJ hasn’t seen Peter Pan so she’d didn’t really get it.

After that ride, we decided it was about time for lunch so we made the decision to try to head the “Be our Guest” restaurant at the Beast’s castle.  They said it was going to be a 40 minute on the bridge.  I loaded DJ up in the Ergo carrier and she finally put her head down and fell asleep.  The wait only ended up being about 25 minutes before we were placing our order.

Waiting on the bridge for lunch for Be Our Guest

Magic Kingdom – Part 1



We arrived at the park before it opened. After getting a locker we waiting for the welcome show at the train station. DJ was already a bit tired and cranky (asking for her pacifier) but once the singing and dancing started she got into it. She was jumping up and down when she heard the whistle of the steam train coming and even more excited when she saw all the characters riding and waving from the train. After a countdown from ten Mickey opened the park. As we went to go in DJ didn’t want to go and instead was asking to stay with Micky.

Once we distracted her enough to get into the park we booked it over to fantasyland. We saw that Peter Pan and Its a Small World was having a delayed opening for the day so we grabbed fast passes for Peter Pan. Then we continued on to our first attraction, Enchanted Stories with Belle.

The line was already 20 minutes but we jumped in and stood our place outside Maurice’s house. DJ didn’t really like the idea of standing in the line which was outside the house in the heat and sun. As we wrangled her we finally made our way into the house. In the first room we saw belongings of Belle and Maurice. Then we were welcomed through a magical mirror into the other house. Each kid played a part in a play for Belle and DJ was reluctant but joined in holding her dancing spoon and fork sign.

After a great experience at Belle we met up with Gigi and AL. We all jumped on and rode the horses on the carousel.
After that we headed over to the little mermaid ride. It was a other basically nonexistent line and the ride was wonderful. I was amazed that it was barely 10 am and we had three rides done.

Part two later!

Easter Basket

This year I went really simple with DJs Easter basket. We love the holiday to celebrate Christ’s resurrection but I want to keep this a lower key holiday. Honestly I don’t even know if we made her an Easter basket last year (she would have been about 7 months old).

So this year I picked out one fun toy, a craft supply which we needed, and a piece of candy.

The toy is shape sorter eggs and I think she will love them. At 18 months she’s getting better a matching and knows that eggs are supposed to crack open. So these eggs hopefully will be perfect.

The craft supply is some paints. Even though she does a craft project everyday at school it’s still nice to be creative at home.

Lastly for a candy I avoided the chocolate bunny or cross because she doesn’t need that much chocolate and neither do I. The other day she saw these mini m&ms at the store and wanted them. They will be a good treat in small doses.

We can’t wait to celebrate Easter with family!


Here is another picture of us enjoying the one afternoon of nice weather this weekend. We are ready for spring!



We are all itching for spring around here.  It has been a late winter but now its March and still cold.  I was cleaning out a spaghetti squash the other week and thought hmm, I wonder if I could plant these things.  Not even sure how to go about it, a quick google search told me to wash the seeds and put them in a baggie to see if they would germinate (sprout).  Sure enough, almost all of my little seeds had a few sprouts in just a couple of days.

Last weekend I dragged DJ out front and told her we were going to dig in the dirt and plant seeds.  She wasn’t too sure what it was all about.  She tried to help dig a hole but got frustrated with the dirt on her hands.  But, once I had a good trench dug, she was more than happy to help drop the seeds in one by one.  She had even more fun with the next step which was watering the seeds.  Every day since, we come home and she shouts “Seeds Seeds” and wants to water them!

And look at what popped up this week, our little seeds!


She loves to stand on the patio and pour the water onto the little sprouts.  At some point we will have to go through a biology lesson teaching her that now they are technically plants and no longer “Seeds Seeds”.


We are finally enjoying some warmer weather and hope that we have had our last cold snap!  Bring on the Spring!


Walks with DJ


I’m sorry family up North, but we are enjoying some beautiful winter weather. Most days it feels more like spring. DJ loves to get outside and Mason is always out with us. He is such a good dog and stays in the yard so we never put a leash on him. But lately she has been wanting to take him for a walk and hold the leash. There is a nice dead end road by our house so its pretty safe for her to walk on since we don’t have sidewalks.


Here they are all set to go. He is so good and doesn’t pull her. I’m glad we spent lots of time training him. 20130201-135247.jpg

They are so sweet together. The road to the right is the dead end that we walk down.


She is pretty independent these days but usually after a few steps she turns around to make sure Mom or Dad are with her.


On this walk, I pointed out this stop sign. I am not sure she knows what the word stop means, but she thought I said it was a “stomp” sign. She was stomping her feet all over the street!


Off to see Santa

Where so excited that Christmas this year DJ would be a bit older and she could also get into the christmas spirit with us. One of the things I was so excited about was telling her about Santa.

She first learned about Santa from a book I made her from Christmas last year that includes a picture of all three of us sitting with Santa. We practiced recognizing Santa all throughout the book and practiced saying Ho Ho Ho. I thought we were I luck for the Santa picture this year

Apparently I was wrong.


She was all excited as we entered the store but as soon as we set her down this happened. We obviously picked her immediately back up and walked around the store for a bit picking out an ornament.

We wanted to get one nice picture with Santa so we went back and didactic family photo. It turned out much better when we sat with her!



Last night we took DJ to the downtown tree lighting and parade. We had wonderful weather and clear skies to make for a beautiful night.

As we walked through downtown and neared the festivities I though we should put on our Christmas gear. To be funny I put on these old reindeer antler headband that I think we got for mason a few years back as a joke. What I didn’t expect was that DJ would turn around in the stroller and ask to wear them (by asking I mean pointing to them on my head and then patting her head then confirmed with a vigorous head shake when I asked her if she wanted them). So of course I let her try them on and snapped a quick picture thinking she would yank them off immediately. Instead she not only smiles and let me take a picture she kept them on and asked for them back every time they fell off!


As we walked through the light and decorations, all she saw was the blue balloons that everyone else had. From the stroller she was lunging for any balloon that passed us by. Before she ripped off a balloon from another kid, we quickly asked another parent and found the tent giving away the balloons a few blocks over. She loved the balloon tied onto her stroller and immediately relaxed and started dancing in the stroller to the live band music.

We got lined up early for a place on the street to watch the parade. We had a few snacks and got to pet some nice fluffy old English sheepdog puppies that reminded us of Finally.

Just as she about ran out of patience the jingle bell run started. We had to hold her back from running out towards every dog that ran past us! After the runners the parade began.

We got a seat right up from and she sat on my lap.  After each float would pass, she would turn back to look at me and ask “Mo, Mo” (More).  We noticed every Snowman that passed and danced to every drum.  We sat and watched the parade for an hour and a half.  It was amazing considering that was an hour and a half past bedtime!  Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the very end to see Santa.  I really wanted to see her hear Santa say “Ho Ho Ho” but it was getting late.  We changed into PJ’s for the ride home and she was asleep not 5 minutes down the road!!


The Christmas Season has begun!!  Seeing it through her eyes is amazing!

Thanksgiving 2012

This year it seems to be a tradition to make a public proclamation for what you are thankful for.  I think this is a wonderful idea because I love “counting my blessings” and hope that my family can as well.
This year I was thankful that we were able to stay home for thanksgiving.  Leading up to the big holiday I was sad that my brother and sister got to spend it with my family without us while we stayed here at home with J’s family.  However, after getting to spend 4 days at home with no major plans, I am so thankful for being home.  Since I came back to work last year after my maternity leave I haven’t had a lot of extra time to take off that wasn’t for a trip to see my family or staying home sick.   This weekend we had 4 full days to spend in a clean house with a happy healthy family.  It was great for my soul that needed a break.

Speaking of which, I am trying to be thankful for our home.  There is so much we want to change and improve but for the most part I really do love our place and am very thankful that we are able to have such a nice home at such a young age.  We have a great room that is full of a nice rug for our baby to play on, a desk to store our family memories and pictures, and kitchen that is truly the heart of our home.
I hope you and your family had a great restful thanksgiving!

Happy Halloween 2012

What a fun day yesterday with DJ and trick or treating!  She is walking really well now and is actually starting to try to run.

We went over to my sister in laws house after work and fed the kids some pizza.  After getting everyone into their costumes, we took a group photo! Ok, getting 7 kids plus a teenager to pose doesn’t work well, at least we got a nice family one!

And then we were off!  The older kids were running and DJ didn’t know what to do.   As quickly as I could we ran to the first house.  I set her down in the grass a bit closer to the door and she just stood there!

At least it was nice I could snap one more picture!  I had to scoop her up and run up to the door and she got to drop a piece of candy in her bucket!

We had such a fun Halloween with our little Pumpkin!

The Season of Giving

December 4 Prompt

Author: Jeff Davis

Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

This is a really hard prompt.  I am a planner and that typically leads to a lack of “wonder” in my life but I like it that way.  I think the most wonder that I help cultivate is in gift giving.  Giving someone a gift is really a way that I show them I love them or am thinking about them.  I love the excitement of shopping for a great gift (and hopefully getting a good deal on it too).  I love wrapping it up and sending it on its way hoping and wondering if the recipient will enjoy it as much as I expected them to.

This also means I love Christmas time because I can buy plenty of gifts!  So far I haven’t done great on my shopping list but we will see what I can come up with.

For J:

J obviously already knows about this, so I guess there is no “wonder” there.

For my Mom:

My mom has been looking for a good set of these so her coffee is warm when she gets out of the gym in the mornings

For my brother:

My brother loves fishing and clothes, combine the two and you get a fishing shirt!

For my sister:

I found this snowboard at a local goodwill store. Its a Ride GNU it great condition. My sister will love it!

For J’s parents:

J thinks they would really appreciate a nice matching set of pots and pans. We are going in with his other sisters to get them a nice set.

As you’ll notice, there are still quite a few people left off this list! We still haven’t finished our shopping but we will get there soon!