Wittle Bee Box Review #2

Over Labor Day, we got another deal on a Wittle Bee box.  We were pretty happy with our first box and decided to try another one.  I tried to use the same style notes but changed some of the preferences to more winter clothes. 

  • Styles needed: Short Sleeve, Dresses/Skirts
  • Accessories Needed: No thanks
  • Favorite Colors: Green, Blue, Yellow
  • Clothing Style: Hipster, Mix & Match
  • Graphics: Polka Dots, Flowers
  • Styles not needed: Writing/Slogans
  • Climate: Chilly Nights

Here are the note we left:

Please no animal print, logos, slogans, licensed characters, or screen prints. Love ruffles, classic prints (stripes, polka dot, gingham, etc). Mix and match items appreciated. Love Tea Collection!


Here is the box with the six items.  First was a polka dot Laughing Giraffe dress.  Its a nice thick cotton which is nice and matched our profile of polka dots.  We didn’t list pink as one of our colors though but we don’t mind this one pink item.


I can’t find this item for sale online but I would normally pay maybe $4-5 for this.
Next we got two pairs of leggings with lace on the bottom.  I forget the brand of these but its a no name brand.  They aren’t bad quality but nothing like Gap leggings.  I would normally want to pay around $5 for 2 pairs if I bought these at the store.


Next we got another American Apparel long sleeve t shirt in Lavender.  I’m happy to get another one of these quality shirts (we loved the blue one from the last box).  I’m hoping it will be useful for layering in the winter.  Online these are about $10 but I would like to pay less than $5 for it since its just a basic top.


The last two pieces were a Vitamin baby outfit set (counts as 2 pieces though).  I like this but it is short sleeve.  The link to the outfit online is here for a better picture.  It normally sells for $24-$30 for the outfit although I think I typically would buy something like this for around $10-$12.


As a whole I think they followed our notes and I got my $20 worth.  However, I do not think I would be happy to have paid the full $40 for this box.  Maybe I will give Wittle Bee one more shot at the next sale!  If you want to try Wittle Bee, sign up with this link and save $10 off your first box.  For $30 its worth trying and then you can cancel very easily!

Trying Cloth Diapers – First Trial Purchase

This may come as a surprise to those who know me because I’m typically not very into this type of thing but we are going to try cloth diapers. Several friends have asked me “why” and I can’t really give a great reason. I guess it really stems from a good mom friend from our hospital breast feeding support group that asked me “why not”.Two other big factors play into the “why now”. First, we have gone through the disposable diapers that were given to us at our showers, and second, we found out that daycare will accept certain kinds of cloth diapers.  I do believe there is a cost savings with cloth diapering and I do believe there is a health benefit (although I don’t think disposable diapers are bad).

So with J’s blessing to “try it out”, I dove into the cloth diaper (CD) world. There are all kinds of options and lingo to understand. I love doing this type of research and learning all about new things. My friend was going to meet up with me to go over some options, but on my own, here are some things I found that I “thought” I wanted (more on that later).

  • Snaps are known to last longer than velcro (also called applix or Hook and Loop)
  • Cover + Insert (Hybrid) option means less laundry because the cover (also called the “shell”) doesn’t get dirty at every change.  It also means less laundry, quicker drying time, and longer life for the diaper.

So I met with my friend at a cloth diaper workshop one Saturday and got to learn all about cloth diapers and the options.  It was great because I got to even try them on DJ!

What I learned:

First, I’m not sure I want to use prefolds (flat pieces of cloth that you have to fold in thirds to go inside the diaper cover/shell).   It was just kinda complicated and while I’m sure I could get the hang of it, I know J wouldn’t want to deal with that and neither would day care.  The GroVia Hybrid (or All-in-Two) system provided the ability to snap in a liner and unsnap when soiled.

Second, we reviewed the Thirsties shell and the GroVia shell.  I preferred the fit of the GroVia and the soft mesh lining of the interior (as opposed to the Thirsties which was just PUL).   Also, I found that I actually liked the GroVia applix because it was much more like a disposable to fasten.  With this you don’t have to line up the snaps to get a good fit.

So, I walked away purchasing three things:

1.  Two GroVia Hybrid shells with Hook and Loop (Blackberry and Mod Flower)

Gro Via Blackberry cloth diaper hook and loop hybrid ai2
Grovia mod flower cloth diaper hook and loop shell hybrid ai2

2.  Four Gro-Via Snap in BioSoaker pads.
Gro-Via snap in soaker pad hemp

3.  Medium sized Wet Bag from Wise Planet.  This will be used while at home and on the road for dirty diapers.  The entire bag is washed with the diapers.


Wet bag cloth diaper wise planet

So, that is enough to get me through four diaper changes.  We have tried them out over the past two weekends and we have been really happy with the results.  I do not think the snap in soakers will be strong enough to last her overnight, but she did make it through a long three hour nap the other day.

Of course, here are some pictures of her wearing them, they are so cute!


Up next, will be our plans for going forward with cloth diapers at day care if its cost efficient for us!

Britax B-Ready Stroller: Pre-baby review

We were very fortunate to be gifted the Britax B-Ready stroller with the Britax Chaperone infant carrier car seat. I don’t have any pictures up yet but I thought I would share some of my preliminary thoughts on the stroller. We will see how much my thoughts change after we use the stroller a bit when the baby is here!

Here is a stock photo of our stroller:

Here are the selling features that we love:
* Reversible seat that actually flips front to back so the swivel wheels still stay in the front for easy pushing.
* Baby sits high up, not low to the ground
* Huge canopy that can be pulled all the way in front if needed
* Canopy opening has magnetic closure instead of velcro on top, so it’s quieter. Also less risk of the material getting snagged.
* Canopy has mesh opening on top, instead of plastic, so it helps with air ventilation (great for the heat in Florida!)
* Adjustable height handle bar. It goes low enough that my 4′ nephew could push it and high enough that my 6’4″ husband could push it very comfortably (arms at about a 45 degree angle)
* Ability to to add second seat or car seat
* To set the brake, you just press down on the peddle and it shows green/red (this is great for Florida where we are often wearing flip flops and flipping something up with a bare foot can hurt)
* Comes with some extras including plastic rain guard, parent cupholder, and a pouch thing that hangs by the basket for personal stuff and water bottles.
* 5 point harness straps that are very easy to adjust with sliding adjuster on the back.
* When using the car seat, all you need is the stroller frame not the seat (this saves on unnecessary bulk)

A few positives that you can find easily in other strollers:

* Huge basket (this one has front and side access via zippers which is an extra bonus)
* Locking front wheels
* Car seat adapters
* Great tires that pop off with a press of a button


* Can’t fold with seat facing the parents
* Seat doesn’t quite lay completely flat or completely upright
* Snack tray is extra