Big Girl Room – Transition

We started a few months ago tossing around ideas for DJ’s big girl room.  We have always agreed that the front (smaller) room was a great nursery, but she would be transitioned to the back bedroom once she got older.  The back bedroom is larger and quieter being down a hallway instead of right off the living room.  The closet is slightly smaller but with more floor space for playing, its a good trade off.

So, we started on the room, just wanting to work on it slowly over time with the thought that we would transition her when she was closer to age 2.  You can see here what we got accomplished and called Phase 1 complete.

What we didn’t expect was that she would be so excited about her “pink” room and her big girl beds that she would want to sleep in there immediately.  It started last week with a Saturday afternoon nap.  We laid down to read books and when I told her it was nap time, she just turned her head to the side and fell asleep!  I laid there for a minute and sure enough she was asleep and I crawled out of bed without her noticing.

What made me so excited about that nap was that she slept in that bed for over 2 hours.  We had been struggling with nap times on the weekends in her cribs, and her naps had only been about 45 minutes, even though she was obviously still tired.  She normally sleeps 2.5-3 hours at daycare, so these 45 minute naps at home weren’t cutting it.  I was amazed that she slept SO well in her big girl bed.

So, the next weekend, we got another great Saturday nap from her, so we figured we should try for overnight that weekend.  Saturday night we did the same thing with a few books and then she feel right asleep.   We made sure to bring the monitor into the new room and turned the volume up really high so we could hear if she got out of bed.  She stirred once around midnight but went right back down and slept until 5:30am (her normal wake up time).  We were very pleased!  Sunday night was the same and its been getting better and better since!

I guess we really need to get on Phase 2 of her room and will update with the finishing touches soon!

Phase 1 of the Big Girl Room

We have finally cleaned out the guest room and started setting it up to be DJ’s “Big Girl Room”. She still isn’t crawling out of her crib but she is tall enough to get her leg up on the side. This room is a lot bigger and quieter. Since her nursery was painted teal, J wanted to give her something more girly this time and so we went for the pink on the walls. Pink does seem to be her favorite color these days so hopefully it works out well.


Because my parents come to visit us a lot, this room will still probably be used as a guest room. Plus, I love that she will be able to have sleep overs with friends really easily!

The two bed frames are actually bunk beds so when she gets a little older we will probably bunk them. For now, the rail around the top bed will serve great to help for transitioning!

Here is where we are at for phase 1:
– Paint walls light shade of pink
– Buy white bed frames
– Buy bedding
– Arrange furniture

Still needed for phase 2:


– Paint knobs on both dressers
– Wall art
– clean out closet
– toy and clothes storage

My bathroom is almost done

We made some MAJOR progress last weekend even though it meant being locked up in the bathroom for almost 2 days.

Here is the process as it has gone down:

  1. J removed wall paper and most of the backing – 2 half days (after work in the evenings)
  2. Scrape/Scrub the glue off the walls – 2 half days
  3. Longest trip to Lowes ever to pick out medicine cabinet and other supplies – half day (Saturday morning)
  4. J patched holes in the walls (where the ceramic bars used to be) with drywall – half day (including Saturday overnight drying time)
  5. Apply primer with texture – Half day (Sunday morning)
  6. Apply paint and put bathroom back together – Half Day (Sunday afternoon)

Finally Sunday night we were ready to use the bathroom again!  Unfortunately we had used the old plastic shower curtain as a drop cloth so we had to make a Walmart run for a new liner before we could shower!

I would call the bathroom “done” except for a two things.  First, the fixture set that took an hour to pick out at Lowes was out of stock.  We have to go to the other store to get that.  Second, there are a few spots that need some touch ups.

So…. Here is the picture of the bathroom.  I’m sorry I don’t really know how to take a good picture with the light on, so here is my best shot:

We ended up keeping the mirror, vanity, toilet and tub as is.

We replaced the old medicine cabinet….

With a nice new mirrored front one from Lowes.  It cost $30 so it wasn’t the nicest one they had, but its a much bigger improvement.

We also replaced the old light fixture from an old bar style

to this one from Lowes (as you can see, we hung it with the light going up):

And eventually….. we will get this towel bar set:

Surprise from the husband

So the other night I called J to let him know I was on my way home from work. He surprised me when he said “boy, do I have a mess for you when you get home”. Obviously being in the third trimester working full time the last thing I wanted to do was come home to any sort of mess.

When I got home J wasn’t in the living room/kitchen so I headed to the bedroom. He wasn’t on the bed, but I was surprised to see the light on in my bathroom (he has a separate bathroom and really never goes in mine). As I opened the door this is what I found.


Yup, that is my bathroom with all the wallpaper removed.  (The picture was taken with my new iPhone with the instagram app).

Do you remember the what my lovely bathroom looked like before? Let me see if I can find a picture.


Ok, this is a REALLY bad picture (pre-DSLR).  But you get the idea.  The color is way off here, you can see the color a bit better in this post.  The walls themselves weren’t so bad, the border was just really outdated.  The medicine cabinet and all the towel bars were a bit odd as well.

So anyways, we will be scrubbing wallpaper glue off the walls this weekend, patching the dry wall from the holes and hopefully next week J can start painting.

Thanksgiving 2010 with Modern Printable Decor

This past weekend J and I went to visit my parents for an early thanksgiving dinner. It was the first time we had been to visit since the wedding and it was great to relax and not work on wedding plans every second of the weekend.

We had a very casual dinner on Saturday afternoon but we still wanted to make it special so I printed out some of the decorations that were posted on Hostess with the Mostess as part of Operation Give Thanks.

Here is what we came up with for our dinner table.


We used a white table cloth, and a green/yellow runner that my mom had from a couple of years ago. She has multi-colored fiesta plates, so I just picked out the orange green and yellow plates for us to use. A large orange candle served as a simple centerpiece.

I printed out the cute place cards and hand wrote our names on them. Place cards are always a holiday tradition in our house so I was happy to incorporate these. Sometimes we write what we are thankful for on the back and my mom saves them.

We also used the paper napkin rings to put together the silverware.

I printed out a few drink labels and stuck one on the water pitcher. There were some really cute yellow lemons floating in the water but you can’t see them in this picture!


I printed these cute little signs and taped them to a matching toothpick. They were double sided so they could be seen from both sides of the table!


My dad made homemade rolls and they deserved a cute little sign of their own!

Last but not least was the wonderful turkey my dad also made!


It was a wonderful weekend with my family and I can’t wait for Thursday when we get to do it all over again with J’s family!