Solids update

Now that DJ is eating more solids I love to make meals fun with lots of choices and colors. I think for school I am going to start packing bento lunch boxes. There are so many great ideas out there. I love that they are fun and promote healthy foods and healthy eating habits

Here is her dinner plate from tonight. I love all the colors.


She did not eat the green beans and only a few carrots. We also served her salmon from the grill and she ate a few bites. Of course the bread, blueberries and watermelon were her favorites.

Solid Food Updates

I wanted to share that suddenly this past weekend at 5 and a half months DJ suddenly decided to take to solids. It really was like a light switched on and she wants to eat now. As I mentioned earlier she did have a bad head cold and just finished up antibiotics so maybe that’s why the sudden change but I’m thinking she just needed some practice and wanted to start on her own time.

Before we were feeding her every few nights after her milk. She would fuss in the high chair and get aggravated very easily. On Saturday when J went to feed her squash she suddenly was grabbing the spoon, opening her mouth, keeping the food in her mouth.

She ate a whole “cube” of squash and then about a tablespoon of rice in one sitting! We are now sending two cubes of food to daycare for in the mornings.

This was her this week with sweet potatoes!



Making Baby Food

Since we found out we were pregnant J has been so excited about making baby food. We have done some research and really hope we can do this for our sweet baby girl.

At our four month check up the doctor gave us the go ahead to start solids. To get started this weekend I cooked up this wonderful food!


It was two small organic spaghetti squashes (leftover from thanksgiving) and a sweet potato. I baked them on this sheet for about an hour. Then I scooped them into our food processor and turned it on. That was it! I scooped the purée into ice cube trays and froze them.  We picked up this set of ice cube trays along with another basic set we found at WalMart.  I like this green/blue set because they are silicone so they are pretty easy to pop out but also because they are so small (only 1/4″thick so they held a small amount).

Silicone ice cube trays from walmart


The next day I popped them out of the tray and into some zip lock bags for storage. I can’t wait to let her try these!