18 month shots

Last week, DJ had to go to the doctor for her 18 month check up! I grabbed her at 11:30 which was right after lunch and before nap so she wasn’t too excited at the doctors office. She is growing like crazy and back up in the 90th percentile. She weighs about 29lbs and is about 33 inches tall. He said she looked very health!


The odd mismatched clothes are from daycare because it was spaghetti day when I picked her up she she had to wear a back up outfit!

She did great for her three shots and she fell right asleep on her cot when I took her back to daycare. That night however, she was very stiff and sore in the legs where she got the shots. The nurse said the tetnus part of the shot would cause this but it should go away. She was so sad and pitaful just sitting on her couch and wouldn’t walk or play. She constantly wanted one of us sitting right there with her.

I remembered a Christmas gift we had bought but not given to her (she was too young for it at the time and didn’t need it), but I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. It was a Fisher Price doctor’s kit, very similar to the one I grew up with! The last thing she needs is more toys but since we just had a doctor’s visit I thought she would understand and be able to play pretend.


She loved opening the wrapped present even though she wouldn’t get up off her couch.

20130207-144306.jpg20130207-144331.jpgHer favorite part of the kit is the cardboard eye chart!

20130207-144316.jpgShe checked her ears just like the doctor did.

20130207-144345.jpgAnd then we did a full check up on the baby doll.


20130207-144417.jpgShe is starting to talk to her baby dolls and let them sit next to her.

20130207-144527.jpgHere she is rocking her baby doll and rubbing her belly like we do when we put her to sleep.

After a playing with our new toy and eating dinner, her legs were still very stiff and sore, so we decided a nice hot bath might help. She stayed in for almost thirty minutes and actually leaned up against the side of the tub to relax and play with her toys and sponges. Luckily these are the last shots she will need until she starts kindergarten.


First Birthday Party

I know it is LONG overdue, but here is a post about her first birthday party that we planned.

Theme: DJ has a cute polka dot back pack that a good friend gave us.  The bag was lime green with white polka dots and has a pink button with her initial “D” on it.  We use it to pack up toys for longer outings.  It was the perfect inspiration for her birthday party!


I designed these invitations using my favorite design program of choice, PowerPoint.  Its actually what I used to design my wedding invitations too!

I just put them in some white envelopes and passed them out to about 25 of our close friends.  We also invited our neighbors!


J planned on cooking burgers and hot dogs on the grill to serve everyone lunch.  We stuck to a pretty simple menu that we could prep ahead of time.

  • Hot Dogs
  • Hamburgers/Cheese Burgers
  • Veggie Tray
  • Fruit Salad
  • Chips
  • Watermelon


The back porch was all decorated with pink and green.  Again, our good friend made us a wonderful banner that decorated the wall above the food.  To cover the tables I used a roll of plastic table cover and little green bows on the corners.  It was a great way to add tons of color to the room for little cost!

We had two tables set up for people to sit at and eat lunch.  Of course the guys were all hungry and were more than willing to sit down.  On each table I put 6 pictures for each month of her life.  Again, it was a nice cheap centerpiece that was meaningful to us!

We love our Uncle Chuck!


After lunch, we had some activities for the kids including some homemade coloring books (her favorite activity!) and playing outside.  Luckily we had great weather!

Coloring with Mom

Yes, she woke up from her nap and wanted to wear her bear slippers!

She would ride a bike all day with someone pushing her! Bubbles and Four Square kept the other kids happy!


After play time, it was time to gather everyone back up and eat some cup cakes!  We ordered the cupcakes from a new bakery in town called Lucy and Leo’s.  We ordered strawberry shortcake (with whipped cream instead of frosting), vanilla with green frosting, and chocolate with pink frosting.  DJ got a large vanilla cupcake to eat with a big polka dot number one candle!

More cake smash pictures can be seen in this post, where she really got messy!

It was a wonderful birthday party celebrating our sweet little girl with some amazing friends and family that also love her.  It is really so amazing that the year has gone by SO fast!

14 Months – A True Toddler

Age: 14 Months
Weight: 24lbs
Height Over 30 inches
Words:  You are doing so good on talking!  Not only using your sign language but actually starting this month to try to say more words.  You can pretty clearly say momma and dadda although you don’t often call out to us by name.  You call Mason by patting on your legs to call him over, it is so cute!  You are very expressionate with your facial expressions, often using a scowl face to let us know you are displeased.  You very clearly understand what we are saying to you.  For example, we have tried to teach you to ask for help instead of screaming.  One day, you were trying to do something and couldn’t, you got my attention but couldn’t ask with the words.  I asked if you needed help, and you clearly responded and shook your head yes.
New developmental skills: Running!  You get so excited at being able to run fast!!  You also are getting very good at recognizing the Seminoles and doing the chop.
Sleep:  Finally doing much better through the night.  You finally dropped the second nap.  Typically you sleep about 2 hours at daycare (12-2pm) and go to bed at 7:30 pm.  Unfortunately you have been waking up around 5 am for some morning nursings.  I think you just want to come cuddle so we may need to figure out a way to break this habit.
Food: You are starting to be more picky in your food choices.  You still love all kinds of fruit, especially grapes and whole pears or apples.  You love spicy things and foods with lots of flavor!  You still love to nurse and on the weekends you frequently ask for some quiet time with mom.
Size clothing:  Into 18 month clothing already! Almost into 24 month footed PJ’s because you are so tall!
One day after school you are asking for milk even though you have a drink in your other hand!

Little Memories to Remember

DJ – You are getting so big so fast! I want to cherish every moment and remember it all. Here are a few of my favorite recent memories!
Last week (9/13) – Changing your diaper before school, you wasn’t quite awake so I handed you the HOT pink fuzzy blanket you like to snuggle your face to. As I change your diaper, I notice you sticking your tongue out at me. I kinda laugh and start wondering why you are doing this. I notice the frog embroidered applique on the blanket but still didn’t understand why you are sticking your tongue out. You do the sign for “frog” (for the first time, yea!) so I know you are trying to tell me about the frog. As I look closer, I notice there is a TINY pink speck on the frog for a tongue. You noticed it and were showing me that you could mimic the frog!
Last night (9/16) – I was letting you “help” stir some brownie mix which turned out to be a big mess so I got you a little bowl and a spoon and relentlessly you stirred that imaginary bowl! It was so cute for you to make the connection on how to stir something imaginary in your bowl, in the past, its just been about making noise with the bowl and spoon!


This morning (9/17) – After putting on your shoes before school, you went off and got your baby doll and put her in the wagon and wheeled her to the door to take her to school. It is so sweet that you are learning how to take care of your dolls! I was able to convince you to take the baby but leave the wagon.


This morning (9/17) – Rather than the radio, I typically sing in the car. The two songs we sing most mornings are “This is the day that the Lord has made” and “Jesus Loves Me”. Today after a round of “This is the day” you clearly said “Mo” (your language for more). It made my heart melt that you wanted to sing our morning song again. I pray you continue to praise the Lord every day!



First Birthday – Cake Smash Photos

A special part of a first birthday is the first taste of cake.  I think I was really excited because we have been so reserved with the foods we have let her eat (no french fries, etc) that I was excited to treat her to something sweet.
DJ went to visit GiGi and JaJa a few weeks before her birthday and they made her a traditional angel food doll cake.  This was so special because this doll has been used for all of my birthdays and many more before me.  Unfortunately at this visit, DJ was very ill and she wasn’t able to eat any of the cake but she did enjoy looking at the doll!

When she was feeling better, we went back to the mall and had one year old pictures taken.  We stopped at Publix to pick up a small cake and they had the perfect one there.  Since we knew it was going to be a mess, we let you eat in just a diaper.

DJ Cake Smash Photo One Year Old

First she wanted to touch the flower on top, but it got her fingers messy!

DJ eating Cake - One Year old

We told her she could “eat” the cake and she decided it tasted pretty yummy!

DJ eating Cake - One Year oldThen we found that it was fun to dig into the cake! 
After seeing how cute these photos turned out, I was so excited to see how the actual first birthday party would go.  We had special cup cakes for the party and a big one just for you.

DJ with birthday cupcake

You ended up not wanting to each much of this one but loved the singing and watching the candle!

First Birthday – Almost One.

I’m a bit sentimental this week because in a few days my baby turns one.  We were off visiting GiGi and Jaja this weekend and she got the Rotavirus and decided we needed to spend a few extra days down there recovering.  As much as I hated to see her sick, it was nice to have a cuddly sweet baby again.  When we got home and she was felling better, we went to the mall to get a few one year old pictures taken. I am so happy that we decided to capture her at this age.  She is just so sweet and so much fun.  After we did these pictures we also did a few pictures with a first birthday cake which I will add soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are also very busy preparing for her first birthday party.  We have most of J’s family coming and some of our best local friends.  I feel a bit behind on the planning since we have spent a lot of time sick in the month of July (Josh for a week and now DJ).  I am trying to work on setting up everything and decorating the back porch in the evenings.  Everything I am working on, you want to play with though so progress is slow.  I’m sure it will be a wonderful party though and we will share lots of pictures.

11 months and Walking

Age: 11 months
Weight: 23 pounds according to our home scale
Height: Not sure…. maybe a bit taller?
Sounds You make: Still making lots of sounds like “Buh” for Bye, “Ma” for Mason, and “Woo” for Woof woof (when you hear a dog bark). You have also started lots of signs! You started with the sign for milk and would come crawling over to me. It was so sweet to see you learn how to communicate. You would lean back and look at us and put your right arm up in the air and make that little milk sign. Now you have added the sign for more, and just learning all done and please.
New developmental skills: You are walking everywhere! It started with a few steps but it didn’t take you long at all to master it. It is so sweet to hear the little pitter patter of your feet on the floor. The weirdest thing for me was seeing you walk around the corner coming out of your bedroom. Such a big girl!
Sleep: You are doing better sleeping long a long stretch from about 10:30 – 4:30 (6 hours). In your new daycare classroom they are trying to get you down to 1 nap per day but they say you often fall asleep before lunch.
Feedings: We are pretty much done with purees now. You want to feed yourself and experience new foods. Your favorite is fruit and breads. For snack at daycare you are having a bit of string cheese and some cranberries. We continue to try to get you to experience new foods but often you don’t like them.
Size clothing: We are pretty much into the 12 month clothes now. You are getting so big!

Eyes: Still dark brown and so pretty.

Hair: The back of your hair is getting longer with a few curls. The top is long enough now I can clip a small bow and you look so sweet.
Things I love: You are all over the place but right now you are loving books. You carry the little board books around with you and will just sit down and open to various pages. Sometimes you will sit in my lap and let me read to you, but mostly you are a big girl and like to read your own book.


Things you hate: You are starting to know what you don’t like and will throw a bit of a fit if you don’t get your way!
Activities this month: We went for the first time on a family trip to the beach. You had so much fun and loved the warm water. After about 2 hours you were sound asleep on my lap and J was able to completely change you and put you in the car without waking you up! We will have to go again soon.



10 months

DJ you are 10 months old.  I am not sure where the time has gone but this for some reason is another milestone I am not ready for.  10 months is WAY too close to 12 months which I am really just not ready for.  Every day you grow and become more and more of a sweet little girl, a little person with a mind of her own, and a part of our family.  As much as I wish all the time you were a little baby again, it really is so exciting to see all the new things you share with us!

Age: 10 months
Weight: Probably close to or over 20 pounds.
Height 27 inches plus a bit, you don’t seem to be getting too much taller right now.
Sounds You make:  I would say that your official first words are “Bye” “Ma” (for Mason) and “Woof”.  Really these are just sounds you make but we know what you are talking about!  For some reason when you “wave” goodbye, you have your hand and kinda pull on your lip, its cute!
New developmental skills:   You are still furniture walking all over the place and starting to get more balance without holding on.  You love your little tykes play car that you can push around the house.   Most importantly you learned how to blow kisses.  Surprisingly, I got you up last Friday morning and kissed you on the head and you leaned back, looked at me and put that sweet little hand to your mouth and blew me a kiss.
Sleep:  It seems like you go in cycles of 3-4 nights sleeping through the night and then its a few nights of 1-2 feedings.  J has started giving you a bottle sometimes at night so I can get some sleep and you don’t become too depending on comfort nursing.
Feedings:  At your 9 month appointment the pediatrician thought you could go down to 2 five ounce bottles at daycare plus all your solids.  At daycare they said you really wanted to eat breakfast with the other kids so you now get three meals of solids at daycare and then eat dinner at home with us!
Size clothing:  All of your 9 month stuff is pretty much too small now.  I am loving how some Gap 12-18 month stuff is fitting.   Its still cute to let you just crawl around the house in a pretty cloth diaper!

 Eyes:  Still dark brown and people love to comment on how pretty they are on you!

Hair:  Your hair is getting a lot longer and I think will be a dirty blonde.  Its long on the top and getting thicker in the back.  I am hoping you have some pretty waves.
Things I love:   You still love the dog.  We had to say goodbye to Finally this month but I’m happy you got to spend the weekend with him.  You would not stop crawling over to him and pulling up on his belly or trying to find his eyes under his hair.
Things you hate: You hate being set down when we get home from daycare and you want to nurse.  I just need 2 minutes to change clothes but you hate waiting. You also aren’t fond of diaper changes right now since you just want to roll over and explore.
Activities this month:   We had a fun trip to Melbourne to have a high school graduation party for AL (Aunt L).  Close family friend KW got to babysit you and we are hoping that Big Davy (big meaning older) got lots of practice and hopefully gives you a cousin soon!  We are also loving taking you out to eat.  We just cannot believe how good you are sitting in your high chair kicking your little legs and eating your food.  You are so good and we often have to wait for you to finish eating after we are done.


Pictures to be added soon!

9 months

DJ you are getting so big and so grown up. I can’t keep up with you!

In addition to becoming more of an expert at crawling and pulling up you recently started letting go an standing for a second or two. You will also walk if we hold your hands (before you would just stand there).

You love your food. You are becoming so independent and want to do it by yourself which turns into a mess! You do great picking up the smallest pieces though and holding on tight to the big ones! You still love to nurse and respond to the word “milk” with excited noises.

At your nine month check up you were 19 pounds and 4 ounces and 27 inches long. This puts you right about the 75th percentile.

Hard to believe you have now spent more time in this world then you did in my belly.


8 months

We have had so much fun with DJ this month. She is crawling all over the house and pulling up on furniture. They say at daycare they have to keep an eye on her otherwise she will crawl right over the little babies. She is “talking” a lot more but still no real words. We think we may be getting close to knowing the sign language sign for “milk”. We practice that one every night when I sit on the couch and Daddy brings you over to nurse.

DJ is eating a lot of solids. About three 3-4 ounce servings a day plus breast milk still. Favorite foods still are puffs (#1) and squash, sweet potatoes and apple sauce.

Easter we went to church with Uncle Chuck and then out to breakfast where we let you naw on your first piece of wheat toast. You loved it especially because you could do it yourself.

You also live being outside and watching animals. Mason is your best buddy although he’s still not sure about you crawling on him. At Grandmas house you love to watch the neighbors horses and kick your legs and squeal when they move.

Sadly last night (4/11) you had to take you to the ER for a chest infection. We are still here but you are looking much better already.

You are getting so big at 19 and a half pounds! Hard to believe you are so big. I guess we don’t notice how heavy you are quite as much since you are crawling.

Pictures from the month: