Trying out cloth diapers – BumGenius 4.0

The cloth diaper experiement is going extremely well.  After trying out our GroVia shells and snap in soakers over the weekends, I decided to try out another popular brand since there was an amazing sale being run on some discontinued colors.  I was able to purchase three BumGenius 4.0 pocket diapers from during their Buy 2 Get 1 Free sales event.  The total purchase came out to $32 since they have free shipping too! I really wanted to try some snaps since the GroVia’s were velcro.  The best color they had available was the color “Sweet” which is a nice soft blue/green color.

Bum Genius 4.0 sweet snap

These are pocket diapers which is a little bit different style than the Hybrid AI2 GroVia’s we had.  Each diaper has a PUL outer shell and a suede cloth pocket on the inside.  The diaper also comes with two microfiber inserts (one small newborn and one larger).  These inserts get stuffed into the pocket of the diaper between the PUL outer layer and the suede cloth that touches the babies skin.

I had read a few advantages to a pocket diaper which appealed to me.

  • Ability to add additional “stuffing” for heavy wetters or overnight
  • Faster drying because the insert separates from the diaper
  • Longer lasting because you can replace just the diaper or the inserts
  • Also, I wanted to try snaps because I heard they last longer than velcro and is harder for toddlers to get off!

So at such an amazing deal (rare to find these diapers for under $15 new) I jumped and made the purchase.  We immediately put them into rotation and love them.  The snaps are really easy to use and I love the layout of the snaps.  The pockets aren’t hard to unstuff and easy to restuff once they are clean!   Sadly, this is the only picture of DJ I have wearing one! She’s 6 months old and about 17 pounds here.

Trying Cloth Diapers – First Trial Purchase

This may come as a surprise to those who know me because I’m typically not very into this type of thing but we are going to try cloth diapers. Several friends have asked me “why” and I can’t really give a great reason. I guess it really stems from a good mom friend from our hospital breast feeding support group that asked me “why not”.Two other big factors play into the “why now”. First, we have gone through the disposable diapers that were given to us at our showers, and second, we found out that daycare will accept certain kinds of cloth diapers.  I do believe there is a cost savings with cloth diapering and I do believe there is a health benefit (although I don’t think disposable diapers are bad).

So with J’s blessing to “try it out”, I dove into the cloth diaper (CD) world. There are all kinds of options and lingo to understand. I love doing this type of research and learning all about new things. My friend was going to meet up with me to go over some options, but on my own, here are some things I found that I “thought” I wanted (more on that later).

  • Snaps are known to last longer than velcro (also called applix or Hook and Loop)
  • Cover + Insert (Hybrid) option means less laundry because the cover (also called the “shell”) doesn’t get dirty at every change.  It also means less laundry, quicker drying time, and longer life for the diaper.

So I met with my friend at a cloth diaper workshop one Saturday and got to learn all about cloth diapers and the options.  It was great because I got to even try them on DJ!

What I learned:

First, I’m not sure I want to use prefolds (flat pieces of cloth that you have to fold in thirds to go inside the diaper cover/shell).   It was just kinda complicated and while I’m sure I could get the hang of it, I know J wouldn’t want to deal with that and neither would day care.  The GroVia Hybrid (or All-in-Two) system provided the ability to snap in a liner and unsnap when soiled.

Second, we reviewed the Thirsties shell and the GroVia shell.  I preferred the fit of the GroVia and the soft mesh lining of the interior (as opposed to the Thirsties which was just PUL).   Also, I found that I actually liked the GroVia applix because it was much more like a disposable to fasten.  With this you don’t have to line up the snaps to get a good fit.

So, I walked away purchasing three things:

1.  Two GroVia Hybrid shells with Hook and Loop (Blackberry and Mod Flower)

Gro Via Blackberry cloth diaper hook and loop hybrid ai2
Grovia mod flower cloth diaper hook and loop shell hybrid ai2

2.  Four Gro-Via Snap in BioSoaker pads.
Gro-Via snap in soaker pad hemp

3.  Medium sized Wet Bag from Wise Planet.  This will be used while at home and on the road for dirty diapers.  The entire bag is washed with the diapers.


Wet bag cloth diaper wise planet

So, that is enough to get me through four diaper changes.  We have tried them out over the past two weekends and we have been really happy with the results.  I do not think the snap in soakers will be strong enough to last her overnight, but she did make it through a long three hour nap the other day.

Of course, here are some pictures of her wearing them, they are so cute!


Up next, will be our plans for going forward with cloth diapers at day care if its cost efficient for us!