Fall Decorating 2010

Fall is almost here! Even though afternoons still almost reach 100 degrees, there is less humidity, a certain amount of crispness in the air, and its football season!

So as part of wanting to have a “grown up” style house, I wanted to decorate this fall. I would like to stay away from the Halloween decorations. I have some halloween stuff but I can only stand looking at it for about 2 weeks.

My new favorite store is Kirklands. With a $10 coupon last week I went in for some fall decor for our mantel. We recently got rid of our teal leather couch so we can finally bring in some other colors!! I went with an “orange” theme because I’ve never really used that color. I think it compliments the brick, the wood, and the brass of the fireplace. Here is what I came up with:

Fall 2010 Decorations

The orange orchids on the top left were $18.  I love that they bring in a great fall orange color but can maybe be used throughout the year.  The glass star is actually a votive holder and was a wedding present (from Pier 1).  I could never find a good place for it around the house so this seems like a good use for it.

The right side of the mantel is a bit of a hodge podge.  The hurricane vases with leaves painted on them were a bit of a splurge at $18 because they are really only usable for fall.  I never really light candles but love the look they give so I always go with cheap ones that I can just change out as needed.  The best part of this is the framed leaves.  This is simply an extra frame I had laying around and I took three leaves and taped them to piece of ivory card stock (left over from wedding projects!) and inserted in the frame.  The statue was another wedding gift that seems to fit nicely in a lot of different decor.

Lastly, I was given flowers for finishing a project at work and they are the perfect addition to the hearth.  I replanted into a plastic terra cotta colored pot that I had laying around the garage.

Fall Flowers

The only thing I would like to change would be a nice vertical mirror with a wreath hanging over it.  We’ll see if I can find something for cheap!!

Total budget:  $50