Seattle Washington

As I mentioned in this post, I was able to go to Seattle!

I went out to Seattle for a business trip and took a few extra days to explore the city. At the end of July it was the perfect weather, 70-80 degrees in the early morning and getting up to 80-90 during the day in the sun. It was the first time I had really traveled alone and for the first day or so it was nice. After a while though I was longing for some company.

I stayed in a great little hotel that was in the perfect location downtown. Called The Moore Hotel, it was about 2 blocks from the market, very close to Macy’s and other shopping downtown, and very close to the shuttle that takes you from downtown over to the space needle.


The room was a good size, updated furniture, and was clean. Since the weather was nice, I was happy to see that the windows opened! They even left me a little towel animal in the morning after making up the room.


I could see Macy’s from my window. Luckily they were having a great sale that week so I did plenty of shopping!


The bathroom was so cute with a little clawfoot tub!


The first day I spent exploring the city on my own. First I went up to the market and was surprised to see that by 8 am, things were still slowly opening. It was nice to quietly walk around though enjoying the cool weather and a warm cup of Starbucks hot chocolate.


As you can see there are usually crowds of people at this fish booth but this early in the morning there was no one there. This is the one that is famous for “throwing” fish.



I bought a great peach and found the public seating area that overlooked the water and sat and enjoyed my breakfast.


For lunch, I looked up some reviews and decided to try this place called Matt’s at the Market. It was a little hard to find, but once I did I was very pleasantly surprised. They had a great lunch menu and I opted for a soup and salad combo for about $11.

The restaurant is actually on the second floor of this building with all the corner windows overlooking the market. If you have trouble finding the restaurant, the best thing to do is to go to the information booth at this corner and ask for directions. There is a small set of stairs opposite the information booth, if you go up those stairs you will start to see signs for Matt’s and you will easily find the restaurant.



There was a long wait (about 45 minutes) but since I was alone I was able to grab a seat at the bar. Most of the 20 or so tables in the restaurant are along these windows that overlook the market.


That afternoon, I found a nice little park on the edge of the market and on the water and relaxed there for a while:


For dinner, at the recommendation of the front desk, I ate here (Momma’s Mexican Kitchen)

It was good but not great.

The next day I spent just walking around downtown since there wasn’t much else to see or do at the market.




After my two days by myself in downtown Seattle, I headed over to the space needle and checked into my hotel near there for my work meetings.