Another Monday

This weekend J and I had an awesome weekend relaxing with friends.

However, it is the end of the month and to be honest we are down to our last pennies. We started a few months ago on the Dave Ramsey “envelope” system and it has been working wonderfully. It is really nice that at any given time I can easily tell how much we have left in our budget. Also its really awesome to make sure we don’t spend more than we can and its an easy way for us both to stay on the same page. Before the envelope system we tried just a spreadsheet system for our debit card but it was never updated or accessible when we needed it. This month our envelopes were reduced a little bit because of some bills so now that we are in the final week of the month there are no bills left in the envelopes!

So, with no money left this week, we did not make it to the grocery store. Luckily our fridge, freezer, and pantry are well stocked from the other great sales we have been able to take advantage of. I am off to New Orleans for work and can’t wait to share the details with everyone soon!

C and J

The Start

The start of a blog…. Where to start? How about the history of us?

J and I just got married 4 months ago. Things are a bit calmer now that we are “settled down” but still so much goes on. We try to keep up a busy social life, maintain and update the house we purchased a year ago, and relax a bit being newlyweds.

My goal is to try to keep a history of us and our lives as we go along!