18 month shots

Last week, DJ had to go to the doctor for her 18 month check up! I grabbed her at 11:30 which was right after lunch and before nap so she wasn’t too excited at the doctors office. She is growing like crazy and back up in the 90th percentile. She weighs about 29lbs and is about 33 inches tall. He said she looked very health!


The odd mismatched clothes are from daycare because it was spaghetti day when I picked her up she she had to wear a back up outfit!

She did great for her three shots and she fell right asleep on her cot when I took her back to daycare. That night however, she was very stiff and sore in the legs where she got the shots. The nurse said the tetnus part of the shot would cause this but it should go away. She was so sad and pitaful just sitting on her couch and wouldn’t walk or play. She constantly wanted one of us sitting right there with her.

I remembered a Christmas gift we had bought but not given to her (she was too young for it at the time and didn’t need it), but I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. It was a Fisher Price doctor’s kit, very similar to the one I grew up with! The last thing she needs is more toys but since we just had a doctor’s visit I thought she would understand and be able to play pretend.


She loved opening the wrapped present even though she wouldn’t get up off her couch.

20130207-144306.jpg20130207-144331.jpgHer favorite part of the kit is the cardboard eye chart!

20130207-144316.jpgShe checked her ears just like the doctor did.

20130207-144345.jpgAnd then we did a full check up on the baby doll.


20130207-144417.jpgShe is starting to talk to her baby dolls and let them sit next to her.

20130207-144527.jpgHere she is rocking her baby doll and rubbing her belly like we do when we put her to sleep.

After a playing with our new toy and eating dinner, her legs were still very stiff and sore, so we decided a nice hot bath might help. She stayed in for almost thirty minutes and actually leaned up against the side of the tub to relax and play with her toys and sponges. Luckily these are the last shots she will need until she starts kindergarten.


Baby dolls




Lately DJ has been getting more and more into her baby dolls.  I love this because I too had a special baby doll that came everywhere with me.  Her name was Justine and She sat fully dressed on the shelf in DJ’s closet.

One day D asked for the baby on the shelf.  I was a bit hesitant but we got Justine down and I told her that this was “mommy’s baby”.  She played with her for a minute and I put Justine back up on the shelf.  I told my mom about this and she asked why I didn’t leave Justine down for DJ to play with.  I guess I was worried that poor old Justine couldn’t handle being toted around by a toddler again, but my mom made a great point that Justine had pretty much already seen the worst of things with me.

So, I let DJ take Justine down, and wouldn’t you know, she loved her and insisted on having both the babies ride in the car with her on the way to school!  I love that she is turning into a little momma!

First Birthday Party

I know it is LONG overdue, but here is a post about her first birthday party that we planned.

Theme: DJ has a cute polka dot back pack that a good friend gave us.  The bag was lime green with white polka dots and has a pink button with her initial “D” on it.  We use it to pack up toys for longer outings.  It was the perfect inspiration for her birthday party!


I designed these invitations using my favorite design program of choice, PowerPoint.  Its actually what I used to design my wedding invitations too!

I just put them in some white envelopes and passed them out to about 25 of our close friends.  We also invited our neighbors!


J planned on cooking burgers and hot dogs on the grill to serve everyone lunch.  We stuck to a pretty simple menu that we could prep ahead of time.

  • Hot Dogs
  • Hamburgers/Cheese Burgers
  • Veggie Tray
  • Fruit Salad
  • Chips
  • Watermelon


The back porch was all decorated with pink and green.  Again, our good friend made us a wonderful banner that decorated the wall above the food.  To cover the tables I used a roll of plastic table cover and little green bows on the corners.  It was a great way to add tons of color to the room for little cost!

We had two tables set up for people to sit at and eat lunch.  Of course the guys were all hungry and were more than willing to sit down.  On each table I put 6 pictures for each month of her life.  Again, it was a nice cheap centerpiece that was meaningful to us!

We love our Uncle Chuck!


After lunch, we had some activities for the kids including some homemade coloring books (her favorite activity!) and playing outside.  Luckily we had great weather!

Coloring with Mom

Yes, she woke up from her nap and wanted to wear her bear slippers!

She would ride a bike all day with someone pushing her! Bubbles and Four Square kept the other kids happy!


After play time, it was time to gather everyone back up and eat some cup cakes!  We ordered the cupcakes from a new bakery in town called Lucy and Leo’s.  We ordered strawberry shortcake (with whipped cream instead of frosting), vanilla with green frosting, and chocolate with pink frosting.  DJ got a large vanilla cupcake to eat with a big polka dot number one candle!

More cake smash pictures can be seen in this post, where she really got messy!

It was a wonderful birthday party celebrating our sweet little girl with some amazing friends and family that also love her.  It is really so amazing that the year has gone by SO fast!

October Photo Challenge Day 9

Upside Down
DJ discovered fall leaves this week.  It is finally dropping below 80 here and the humidity seems to have gone away for now.  It has been this beautiful time of year where the mornings and evenings are cool and crisp and daylight still lasts until 7:30 pm or so.

We love to play in the evenings in our front yard and she is learning all about trees and birds and now leaves.  Although, she can’t figure out why there are some leaves on the ground and some on the trees.  She picks up a leaf on the ground and then will point up to our big tall trees and almost ask like “See mom, there are more up there”.

DJ Pointing to Fall LeavesShe collected the leaves and was so careful with them.  She didn’t want to crunch them so she carried them carefully by the stem!

DJ Holding Leaves Upside Down

Plus who doesn’t love fall weather where babies can wear cute little jeans!  PS, yes the front her her shirt is soaked.  It is just water.  We had just gotten home from dinner and she is practicing being a big girl at restaurants and drinking from a big kid cup of water.  We made the mistake of letting her hold it on the car ride home.

I mean, look how happy she was to hold her cup of water in that cute little crook of her arm!

This post is part of a photo challenge for the month of October.  See the full list on the agenda here!

Day 2 – Fashion

Day 8 – Close-Up

Using Family Names

I wanted to share this picture we got at DJ’s baptism.  We chose to name DJ after her to grandfathers (we can call them D and J).  I am actually also named after my two grandfathers and was so happy that my husband was agreeable with naming his daughter in the same tradition.  It helps that we didn’t like any real “girly” names, we wanted something special and different, but nothing that people wouldn’t be able to pronounce.  Now that we have spent a year with this special little girl, we think her name fits her perfectly.

This is one of the first pictures we have of her with these two wonderful men.


I am so excited that we have finally agreed on a weekend for DJ’s baptism.  It has been really hard finding a good weekend that would meet our needs so J and I had to think about our priorities and why we were doing this.  In the end we determined that what was most important was our family and friends would be there to welcome DJ into the church.

I am excited to share a mock up of the invitations!  I only ordered 10 (just for immediate family and one for the baby book) but we really hope everyone feels welcome to attend.

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

DJ – 5 Months

Wow, little girl, the past month has FLOWN by and yet it seems like so long ago that you were at the doctors for your four month check up!

Age: 5 months
Weight: 17lbs
Height ~ 25 inches
Sounds I make: Starting to make the “mmm” sounds.  I love the shape that your lips make.  You also have started making loud screeches!
New developmental skills: Rolling over!  On Christmas day with your grandparents and cousins at the house you rolled over from back to belly for the first time.  You were getting so close for a long time but you finally did it.  Ever since we cannot keep you on your back.  Already you can pull your knees up under you and scoot a little across the floor.  It won’t be long before you crawl.
Sleep:  I think we struggled a bit with the “four month wakeful” because you started getting up at least twice per night.  We have started co-sleeping a bit after the second time you get up just so I can get some rest for work the next morning (plus I love the snuggles)
Feedings: Still taking about 4 bottles at day care and nursing 4 times at home.  We started solids (avocado, rice cereal, and sweet potatoes in that order) but you really don’t want much to do with them.  Every few days we are letting you try but you aren’t eating much.
Size clothing: Almost out of 3-6 month clothes.  All the onesies and footed PJ’s are getting a bit tight in length! Still in size 3 diapers though.

 Eyes:  Still very brown!
Things I love:  Looking in the mirror, bath time, rolling onto my belly to reach for toys, the lights on the Christmas tree, and our dog MASON!
Things I hate: Being in the car when you are hungry!
Activities this month: We celebrated Christmas at home and took a trip to see Jaja and GiGi.  You also got to meet your Great JaJa and Bushi!

This was our Christmas card that we shared via email with family and friends:


Toy Giraffe (who we have nicknamed “stevie”) that Dad bought for you for Christmas.  He was right, you love him!


Playing on your playmat with your toys!


The next three were me trying to capture the funny shape your mouth makes when you talk to us!  You laid here on the couch for about 10 minute talking away!




We also got a new swing for Christmas and you love it!  This was a Saturday morning and eventually you fell asleep right here in the front yard.


All bundled up on our way to daycare.


Out running errands with mom and dad one weekend.


Slept through the night!

Well at 8 weeks old I think she just about slept through the night for the first time in her own crib.

Sunday night we started to transition her to her crib and honestly it was some of the worst nights we have had with her. Everytime she would be sound asleep (like head flopping off our arm) and as soon as we would lower her to her crib, she would start tossing and turning and wake up within 5-10 minutes. On top of that, even when she did get to sleep in her crib she was getting up every 2-3 hours.

Honestly I don’t think it had anything to do with the crib though. She had a bit o congestion this week which I’m sure didn’t help, but I really think it was because h wasn’t sleeping well during the day and therefor wasnt at night either.

Yesterday we had a pretty good nap schedule. She woke up around 6 am and after getting changed and eating fell asleep on my chest for about an hour and a half (7-8:30). Then we woke up and ate again and then took what I would consider a morning nap from 9:30-10:30 (I had to wake her up to go to our breastfeeding class).

At class she was still really fussy(not hungry, not dirty, and still crying) but once she was in her car seat at noon she slept until 2:30 while I ran some errands.

This afternoon was a bit long by 4 pm she was really upset so I went ahead and fed he again. By 5 pm she was down for another nap in the swing which lasted almost 2 hours! I thought for sure we wouldn’t get any sleep during the night after so much sleep during the day.

She had a bit of trouble going down last night. We got in our pajamas and ate until 9:30. It took a good 20 minutes (with several attempts) to get her to sleep in the crib.
After that though I didn’t hear a peep from her until 5:30 am! So from about 10 pm through 5:30 am which is 7 and a half hours! It was some amazing sleep!

She is actually already back asleep now after being changed and Eating! Our little jelly bean!