Kitchen Update: New cabinet knobs

Now that we have some awesome hardwood floors in our house (read about it here), everything else in the house is really standing out.

Our kitchen is not in bad shape but it is really dated. The worst part about this is the cabinets and their knobs. I would describe them as cream ceramic sphere pulls. They really stood out against the wood as you can see up close here:


And when you walked into the kitchen, as my mom said, “All you notice are the knobs”.


There are 26 knobs in our kitchen. That seems like SO many because I don’t think we have a large kitchen but all the drawers and cabinets add up. We also have double upper cabinets which really increases the number of knobs.


In this picture you can also see the old curtain and the dated scroll board that hangs over our kitchen sink. That is another project I am hoping to tackle soon!

While my parents were here, I ran up to Target with them to grab some Starbucks (they are seriously addicted) and we found these knobs on sale. At $1.50 each this was a great price and they felt like great quality.

Target Knobs

(They are here on Target’s site)

So for $55 I got the knobs I needed and we went home with our cappy’s (aka cappuccino) and started installing. They don’t match the hinges on the doors completely, but I think they are about as close as we will get!


The complete picture looks much better and from a distance you really don’t notice the hinge/knob color difference.


I love the way they look and I don’t see cream knobs as I walk in the kitchen anymore!