DJ – 5 Months

Wow, little girl, the past month has FLOWN by and yet it seems like so long ago that you were at the doctors for your four month check up!

Age: 5 months
Weight: 17lbs
Height ~ 25 inches
Sounds I make: Starting to make the “mmm” sounds.  I love the shape that your lips make.  You also have started making loud screeches!
New developmental skills: Rolling over!  On Christmas day with your grandparents and cousins at the house you rolled over from back to belly for the first time.  You were getting so close for a long time but you finally did it.  Ever since we cannot keep you on your back.  Already you can pull your knees up under you and scoot a little across the floor.  It won’t be long before you crawl.
Sleep:  I think we struggled a bit with the “four month wakeful” because you started getting up at least twice per night.  We have started co-sleeping a bit after the second time you get up just so I can get some rest for work the next morning (plus I love the snuggles)
Feedings: Still taking about 4 bottles at day care and nursing 4 times at home.  We started solids (avocado, rice cereal, and sweet potatoes in that order) but you really don’t want much to do with them.  Every few days we are letting you try but you aren’t eating much.
Size clothing: Almost out of 3-6 month clothes.  All the onesies and footed PJ’s are getting a bit tight in length! Still in size 3 diapers though.

 Eyes:  Still very brown!
Things I love:  Looking in the mirror, bath time, rolling onto my belly to reach for toys, the lights on the Christmas tree, and our dog MASON!
Things I hate: Being in the car when you are hungry!
Activities this month: We celebrated Christmas at home and took a trip to see Jaja and GiGi.  You also got to meet your Great JaJa and Bushi!

This was our Christmas card that we shared via email with family and friends:


Toy Giraffe (who we have nicknamed “stevie”) that Dad bought for you for Christmas.  He was right, you love him!


Playing on your playmat with your toys!


The next three were me trying to capture the funny shape your mouth makes when you talk to us!  You laid here on the couch for about 10 minute talking away!




We also got a new swing for Christmas and you love it!  This was a Saturday morning and eventually you fell asleep right here in the front yard.


All bundled up on our way to daycare.


Out running errands with mom and dad one weekend.


The Season of Giving

December 4 Prompt

Author: Jeff Davis

Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

This is a really hard prompt.  I am a planner and that typically leads to a lack of “wonder” in my life but I like it that way.  I think the most wonder that I help cultivate is in gift giving.  Giving someone a gift is really a way that I show them I love them or am thinking about them.  I love the excitement of shopping for a great gift (and hopefully getting a good deal on it too).  I love wrapping it up and sending it on its way hoping and wondering if the recipient will enjoy it as much as I expected them to.

This also means I love Christmas time because I can buy plenty of gifts!  So far I haven’t done great on my shopping list but we will see what I can come up with.

For J:

J obviously already knows about this, so I guess there is no “wonder” there.

For my Mom:

My mom has been looking for a good set of these so her coffee is warm when she gets out of the gym in the mornings

For my brother:

My brother loves fishing and clothes, combine the two and you get a fishing shirt!

For my sister:

I found this snowboard at a local goodwill store. Its a Ride GNU it great condition. My sister will love it!

For J’s parents:

J thinks they would really appreciate a nice matching set of pots and pans. We are going in with his other sisters to get them a nice set.

As you’ll notice, there are still quite a few people left off this list! We still haven’t finished our shopping but we will get there soon!


Holiday Plans

I am so sad we won’t be hosting thanksgiving dinner at our house this year. We chose not to invite everyone over because 8 adults and 7 not so little kids would just be tight in our house. The kids need room to run around and activities to do. We just aren’t set up as a kid friendly house right now.

If I were to be able to host Thanksgiving, there is no doubt I would be using these bad boys. Printable thanksgiving party decor. The suite includes menu cards, kids stuff, place cards, etc. All in some great green and orange designs. I’m so sad.

However, this will be our first Christmas in our new house. We are thinking of hosting J’s family over for Christmas dinner and the family gift exchange. The kids always get enough gifts during the family gift exchange that it keeps them busy for a few hours. This would give us (ok really, me) the perfect opportunity to use some free printable Christmas decor!

I have already scouted out some of the great gift tags etc that West Elm has posted. Who knew they posted cool stuff like this on their website. I can’t wait to start planning a menu and everything else! Merry Christmas!

Our first Christmas cards as newlyweds!

This Christmas I am really looking forward to sending out our first set of newlywed Christmas cards.  My parents have always sent out Christmas cards and I would love to continue the tradition.  I also think it would be a great way to follow up with all the friends and family that traveled to our wedding.  We did not due pictures with our thank you cards since we didn’t want to wait too long to get them out so we figured this Christmas was a great opportunity to send out a wedding photo!

I was looking around at a couple of sites that offered these and there are a lot of cute options out there.  Unfortunately, due to our limited funds, I can’t spend too much on these because otherwise we wouldn’t have money to buy a Christmas tree!  After some research I decided offered the best options within our price range.

We will more than likely use one of the follow wedding pictures on the front of the card:

I want to include “Merry Christmas” if possible (I’m not a fan of Happy Holidays”). I also really would like to go with a lovely shade of green similar to the olive green we used in our wedding.  I haven’t totally decided between folded or flat. Here are my top three choices as of right now, they are all great!
This one is also available in red which might be very festive:

This one really matches the green flourish we used in our wedding theme but I’m not sure I love the wording.

Shutterfly Peace Love Holiday Card

I absolutely love the design of this card but we might have trouble cropping our pictures square to fit. This one also comes with great options for the inside!
Shutterfly Peace Love Holiday Card

Now I just have to decide and place my order.  I can’t wait to send these out this year!

By the way, Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow à