Last day of work


Well today was my last official day in the office. While I had wanted to work all the way until the baby was born, it was really nice to have all of my final meetings today and wrap everything up.

I chose to stop work today because next Friday is my due date and because of the baby’s size, my doctor doesn’t want me going past that. So hopefully we will have an outside baby next week. Also it has been really hard getting up at 7 am for work every morning when I am not sleeping well at all at night.

Anyways, I am very happy that this is the last day I will be stuck in this traffic coming home!

What a week….

Oh my goodness, we have had quite a week here so I apologize for not posting at all.  From Tuesday through Friday this week we were watching my 2 nephews (ages 7 and 8) and my niece (age 4) and their dog at their house.  Their parents both had to go to a work event out of town so J and I agreed to watch the kids.  Actually J said all week, “why did you get us into this” so I don’t think he really agreed to it until I told him!

The kids were great.  We are very fortunate to live down the street from them so we are often around for dinner time and bedtime.  We know their routine and their rules and we have babysat before.  This week was a little bit different because J was really busy with school and work.

Tuesday around 2 pm, the clinic called.  One of the kids was sick.  J had to go to school that evening so I took the afternoon off work.  I was home with the kids from about 3 pm until 7:30 pm when J got home from school.  That meant unpacking from school, cooking dinner, packing lunches for the next day, entertaining kids, and getting baths going.  By the time J got home it was basically bedtime which luckily he was able to help with and we were able to enjoy a quiet evening.

Wednesday, J had to work and he left early around 5 am.  I got up around 6 am and got the kids up around 6:30.  By 7:15 somehow we were all dressed and out the door.  We had to drop Mason (our dog), back at home, feed him and get the kids to school.  Actually everything went really smooth but still tough by yourself shuffling three kids and two dogs between two houses trying to get to school and work.  That afternoon J got off of work early and he was able to get the kids and meet me at their house.  Since Thursday was veterans day and the kids had off, we took them to Pizza Hut for dinner.  They were really good at dinner and actually quite enjoyable.  That evening we watched a bit of a movie and got to bed.

Thursday as I mentioned was veterans day so me and the kids had off from school.  J unfortunately had to work again and left before the kids got up.  The kids had some homework due the next day so we spent from 8 am – 9:30 am working on homework.  Again, they were all great and finished their work.  By 10 am we were out to grandmas house (J’s parents) and J finished up work and met us out there.  We had a really nice afternoon, the kids were tired were fighting but all in good fun.  By 3 pm we got the kids home (thankfully J was there because I wasn’t feeling so hot).  We ate a really early dinner and spent another hour sitting at the table working on homework.

Friday once again J had to work early so I got the kids up and out of the house (I was getting the hang of doing it myself now) and we were ready with plenty of time.  Work was rough on Friday.  I had several meetings, several deadlines and another lunch meeting with some out of town guests.

So like I said it was a VERY busy week.  Today J had to work again and I am working on some chores now that we are finally back in the house.  Hopefully I will make it to the grocery store soon because there are some awesome deals out there this week!

I am also looking for some great thanksgiving recipes that I can make with some of my stockpiled food (pasta/rice/etc).  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

New Orleans

This past week I was lucky to travel on another work trip to a location I had never been before. J has been here before but I hadn’t. I still wish we could have gone together but he had to stay home with school and work.

The meeting took place at the Hotel Monteleon. It was about a block off of Bourbon Street on a much quieter side street with lots of antique shops. The hotel was beautiful and is known for its moving carousel bar in the lobby. We arrived around 3 pm with some time to explore and the hotel was perfectly located for walking around.


One of the first places I walked with one of my co-workers was Cafe du Monde. Since it was a Monday afternoon, we easily got a table and enjoyed some beignets and some hot chocolate.


It was amazing how simple and small the restaurant was. The wait staff simple went down a cafeteria style line and gathered the food to be served.


I really enjoyed walking around New Orleans. It was a very easy city to navigate and during the day I felt very safe. I ventured into some of the shops on canal street and enjoyed the scenery there.


After a long day of meetings, I was also really lucky to enjoy a wonderful dinner hosted by the event at Broussards. It was a wonderful restaurant and we enjoyed many of the dishes shared at the table.

Here are some pictures from the restaurants website:

Broussards New Orleans Restaurant French Quarter Bourbon street

Broussards New Orleans Restaurant

New Orleans, Broussards, Restaurant

Here are some of the dishes we tried at the table:

Hot Appetizers:
In a Creole tomato & olive relish with freshly ground black pepper

Crabmeat Baked in Artichoke-Brie Béchamel, Surrounded by Herbsaint Spinach

Baked Burgundy snail and shitake mushrooms in garlic parsley butter, with a hint of Herbsaint demi glace, set in a Phillo cup shell

Demi-Tasse of Shrimp Bisque, Gumbo and Turtle Soup

My entree was a special of the evening but it was a Salmon with crab meat and cous cous.

For desert we tried the following:
Crepes Broussard
Crepes Rolled with a Cream Cheese, Brandy Pecan Stuffing and Served in a Strawberry Sauce

Bananas Foster
Bananas Sauteed in Rum, Brown Sugar, Butter and Cinnamon. Served over Vanilla Ice Cream.

Cranberry Almond & Raisin Diplomat Pudding
Served with Bananas Foster Sauce

It was a wonderful trip!

Growing Up

Tomorrow is a big day for me  at work.  I have been doing some work with an external group which has been a lot of work but also very challenging.  Tomorrow one of the reps from the other firm is coming to visit for a meeting with our “Head Honcho”.  After the 2 hour meeting her and I are going to lunch.

I’m not sure exactly what that means though.  Does that mean I am taking her to lunch?  Do I have to drive???  Do I have to pay??? Where should we go??? I’m not totally sure how to handle this!  I have a location in mind that I would love to take her but I am afraid it might be too casual.  However, its a really great lunch place, very casual, all fresh food (salads and sandwiches).  It is right around the corner from the office and never too busy so that should work well.  Even though its so close, another aspect I am concerned about is how to get there.  Its just a bit too far away to walk unless you are wearing comfortable shoes and its not super hot outside.  I am hoping she has a nice clean rental car and offers to drive because that would be really easy too.  I guess though, just in case neither of those situations work out, I am going to clean out one of our trucks just in case I have to offer to drive.

Wish me luck!