Magic Kingdom – Part 1



We arrived at the park before it opened. After getting a locker we waiting for the welcome show at the train station. DJ was already a bit tired and cranky (asking for her pacifier) but once the singing and dancing started she got into it. She was jumping up and down when she heard the whistle of the steam train coming and even more excited when she saw all the characters riding and waving from the train. After a countdown from ten Mickey opened the park. As we went to go in DJ didn’t want to go and instead was asking to stay with Micky.

Once we distracted her enough to get into the park we booked it over to fantasyland. We saw that Peter Pan and Its a Small World was having a delayed opening for the day so we grabbed fast passes for Peter Pan. Then we continued on to our first attraction, Enchanted Stories with Belle.

The line was already 20 minutes but we jumped in and stood our place outside Maurice’s house. DJ didn’t really like the idea of standing in the line which was outside the house in the heat and sun. As we wrangled her we finally made our way into the house. In the first room we saw belongings of Belle and Maurice. Then we were welcomed through a magical mirror into the other house. Each kid played a part in a play for Belle and DJ was reluctant but joined in holding her dancing spoon and fork sign.

After a great experience at Belle we met up with Gigi and AL. We all jumped on and rode the horses on the carousel.
After that we headed over to the little mermaid ride. It was a other basically nonexistent line and the ride was wonderful. I was amazed that it was barely 10 am and we had three rides done.

Part two later!

Vacation Day 6 – Disney



Today we are off to magic kingdom.

DJ woke up about thirty minutes before the alarm went off but she was happy to see that dad had arrived and was jumping like a monkey in the bed. The extra thirty minutes gave us some nice family time because we have really missed being all together. Of course DJ was really concerned about where Mason was since dad was with us. It also meant we got to see sunrise over the ocean from our balcony.

She also was happy to have Js cooking back. He made her eggs and sausage. Her favorite! She eats almost two eggs herself plus a sausage link or two.

And by 6:50 am like all work days we were out the door. Our goal is to pick up our tickets and be there for the opening of the park with the welcome from Mickey of course!

Gigi and AL are joining us over here too which will be great to have the extra hands. Our stroller is loaded down with a cooler, snack bag, diaper bag, and extra clothes. We can’t wait, here we go!!

Vacation Day 5



DJ and I are on vacation this week in Cocoa Beach. We have had quite the adventure so far including a trip to Ikea lots of grandparent time and fun at the pool and beach. Today we have stuck to our normal routine and had lots of pool time with AL. J has been home working but after he gets off today will drive down and join us! We have really missed him and Mason.

Hopefully we have a quiet night as we prepare to leave for Disney tomorrow at 7 am. It’s her first visit to any theme park and we are going to try to be there from park opening to park closing.

Baby dolls




Lately DJ has been getting more and more into her baby dolls.  I love this because I too had a special baby doll that came everywhere with me.  Her name was Justine and She sat fully dressed on the shelf in DJ’s closet.

One day D asked for the baby on the shelf.  I was a bit hesitant but we got Justine down and I told her that this was “mommy’s baby”.  She played with her for a minute and I put Justine back up on the shelf.  I told my mom about this and she asked why I didn’t leave Justine down for DJ to play with.  I guess I was worried that poor old Justine couldn’t handle being toted around by a toddler again, but my mom made a great point that Justine had pretty much already seen the worst of things with me.

So, I let DJ take Justine down, and wouldn’t you know, she loved her and insisted on having both the babies ride in the car with her on the way to school!  I love that she is turning into a little momma!




DJ loves playing with her artwork from school. They do some really neat projects and I think she remembers making them when she brings them home. I try to save really special pieces and especially the ones that have little hand or feet prints!

Usually she just plays with the paper and sometimes carries it around showing it to us over and over. The problem is the hand print art work pieces are her favorite too! She will carry them around and give her hand prints a high five! It is so cute! Even though I love to save those projects that document her sweet little fingers it is also very cute to see her carry those pieces around so proudly and give them high fives!




After the first birthday party we were left with a bunch of extra supplies including some sheets of stickers. Lately she is loving to put on a few stickers but tonight she got an entire sheet on her! She thinks the little hearts on her hands are just the coolest things!

October Photo Challenge Day 2



Day 2 Fashion

Today i grabbed a shot of my outfit. I wish I had time to recreate this shot on my dslr because I love the texture of the shirt.
I love the color of this sweater too, it just feels so “fall”.

Lately I have been trying to document some outfits I really love so that I remember them and learn new ways to wear the clothes in my closet. I want to challenge myself with accessories and belts. I can’t wait to get into leggings and boots too!


This post is part of a photo challenge for the month of October.  See the full list on the agenda here!