A weekend with Mason

With my new camera (Canon T2i), I am spending lots of time photographing my favorite subject, Mason!

Throughout the weekend, here are some of the shots I took. All of these are taken with the kit lens.

Good morning Mason! He stands outside our bedroom door and stretches and yawns. He waits to be let out and be served breakfast.

Library - 2602

We were out and about all weekend doing yard work and hanging christmas lights. By the time we got back in the house, Mason was happy to lay down for a while. He loves this $20 bed I got at Costco although his long legs don’t quite fit.

Library - 2604

Library - 2605

Library - 2606

Then around dinner time the begging starts.

Library - 2613


Library - 2619

Oh but it probably tastes so good.

Library - 2621

Oh man, lip stuck again

Library - 2622

He is always so excited when we get up from the table because he knows he usually gets the left overs. He eats outside in the garage (he’s a messy eater) and then whines to come back in. When he gets in he sniffs around to make sure he hasn’t missed anything…

Library - 2607

And then he crawls up in my lap (front two paws only) to snuggle and watch some tv.

Library - 2608

At the end of the night he crawls back in his bed and waits to start it all over again!