October Photography Challenge

Ok, I know I am not great at actually completing challenges like this, but since I am at home, I really want to try to accomplish something for me during the month of October.

I first heard about the challenge on That Wife Blog  I love this blog because it has a great mix of parenting, photography, and health tips!  The challenge itself is through Our Wired Lives.

I am very sad to admit though, that I am already slacking on keeping up.  Days 1-3 I missed, but plan to make up really soon.  I have completed days 4,5,6 and 7 so I thought I would go ahead and share those while they are fresh!

Day 4: Something Green 

This picture was taking from DJ’s window that is right by her changing table.  I had the sprinkler on the grass and this little bird came to enjoy a shower!

Blue Bird and Sprinkler in the grass

Day 5: From a High Angle 

Every morning DJ has been so good this week and she will sit in her swing for about 10 minutes while I make some oatmeal for breakfast.  I am so thankful because I really want to start my day off right with a healthy breakfast but it was so hard those first few weeks with a baby that just wanted to be held!  She will lay there and smile at the bees swirling above her!

Baby smiling in fisher price swing

Day 6: From Low Angle

Our poor Mason dog is so sad these days.  We used to spend hours together and he would stay right by my side.  Now I keep having to ask him to move out of the way and back up to stay out of the way of the baby.  Hopefully they will still be buddies once she is older!

Fawn Boxer Face Laying on groundDay 7: Fruit

This one I wanted to keep simple and practice shooting against a white back drop (I just used a sheet of white computer paper, any one have any other good suggestions for things to use for a white back drop?)  I wish the fruit had more detail to them but I am happy with the shadows and light.

Green apple and orange clementine