Choo Choo Tracks

For the past couple weeks DJ has been getting excited when we drive over the railroad tracks by our house and go “bump”. Now any big bump we go over when driving she asks “Choo Choo tracks?”

Tonight we finally caught a train at the tracks and were the first car. We rolled down the windows and the train blew its horn! Her eyes got so wide and a big smile came over her face. As the train cars went by her little eyes darted back and forth trying to get a good look at each car.

Such a simple memory but she enjoyed it so much.


At least this time she was awake in the car! This picture is from last weekend after playing at Grandmas house.

The History of our Wedding – Group Shots

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The wedding party at the church after the ceremony
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The wedding party at the zoo
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One of our first wedding party pictures at the zoo
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One of our favorite pictures from the zoo!
These pictures were taken by Cathy Heinz Photography

I love and appreciated everyone from our wedding party for being there on our special day three years ago!  They are all our best friends and really put up with a lot on that terribly hot humid day!!

Vacation Day 6 – Disney



Today we are off to magic kingdom.

DJ woke up about thirty minutes before the alarm went off but she was happy to see that dad had arrived and was jumping like a monkey in the bed. The extra thirty minutes gave us some nice family time because we have really missed being all together. Of course DJ was really concerned about where Mason was since dad was with us. It also meant we got to see sunrise over the ocean from our balcony.

She also was happy to have Js cooking back. He made her eggs and sausage. Her favorite! She eats almost two eggs herself plus a sausage link or two.

And by 6:50 am like all work days we were out the door. Our goal is to pick up our tickets and be there for the opening of the park with the welcome from Mickey of course!

Gigi and AL are joining us over here too which will be great to have the extra hands. Our stroller is loaded down with a cooler, snack bag, diaper bag, and extra clothes. We can’t wait, here we go!!

Vacation Day 5



DJ and I are on vacation this week in Cocoa Beach. We have had quite the adventure so far including a trip to Ikea lots of grandparent time and fun at the pool and beach. Today we have stuck to our normal routine and had lots of pool time with AL. J has been home working but after he gets off today will drive down and join us! We have really missed him and Mason.

Hopefully we have a quiet night as we prepare to leave for Disney tomorrow at 7 am. It’s her first visit to any theme park and we are going to try to be there from park opening to park closing.

Natural mineral based sunscreen for babies

Last summer, DJ wasn’t one yet but living in Florida required sunscreen/block. We tried our best with hats and shade but I’d rather be safe and not end up with a sunburned baby. So that started my quest for sun protection that I felt ok putting on her skin.

After research I felt like a mineral based sun block with zinc oxide and titanium oxide was best for us. It is hard to find brands that use these ingredients but I wanted to avoid harsh chemicals that are found in most other sunscreens.

These are the ones we bought, tried and like:


And to review the ingredients. I have posted in order of our favorites. Of course the most expensive is our favorite!

Neutrogrena Pure and Free Baby Faces


Banana Boat Natural Reflect Baby:


And lastly Johnson’s Baby:


Goodbye Google Reader

I don’t know what I am going to do without my Google Reader but at the suggestion of another blogger, I am going to jump to Bloglovin.

You can follow me there if you would like.  I’m not sure if I will stick with it yet.  There are folder options and it imported everything from Google Reader correctly but there are limitations on some features (like giving a blog another title).


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This morning DJ saw a speck of dirt or small rock on the floor and asked if it was a ball. I said no, it was probably just dirt. She acknowledged and seemed to agree it was dirt and she ran off. Next thing I know she comes back with a broom! I didn’t think she knew where we kept a broom!


Still on bottles

At 17 months my little girl still loves her bottles. It’s funny because as a baby she was never attached to bottles because she was nursed so much. That excited baby squeal and excitement when they see a bottle. Never from her. But if I sat down in our seat on the couch for milk so would get so excited and snort like a pig (ok this was a short phase but so cute).

It wasn’t until after a year old that she started getting attached to milk. I am trying to wean her during the day and give her sippy cups. Often though the only thing she will take if I can’t nurse her is a bottle. So at 17 months she still has a bottle.


Most often though its a comfort thing and she still wants to nurse but will hold onto her bottle closely until she’s asleep and we can take it away.



At this point I’m not sure how to cut out the bottles. We will probably have to go cold turkey and get them all out of the house. I need to be careful though because she still needs her milk and I don’t want her to revert to nursing more. Any suggestions?

Florida winter


Today I took time to notice the beautiful colors of our trees. In a few weeks I will be cursing all of the leaves on the ground. The whole yard is something we struggle with. I could somewhat look past it when it was just us, but now that we have a toddler who loves to be outside we need to address it.

A few things we need to work on include
– parking so we don’t have to drive on the grass to get around one another
– some good grass on the back/side for the dog and baby
– trim some of the massive trees so limbs don’t come through our roof (mostly in the front yard)




DJ loves playing with her artwork from school. They do some really neat projects and I think she remembers making them when she brings them home. I try to save really special pieces and especially the ones that have little hand or feet prints!

Usually she just plays with the paper and sometimes carries it around showing it to us over and over. The problem is the hand print art work pieces are her favorite too! She will carry them around and give her hand prints a high five! It is so cute! Even though I love to save those projects that document her sweet little fingers it is also very cute to see her carry those pieces around so proudly and give them high fives!