Second Birthday

What a wonderful update to be able to provide.  DJ is now two!  This is a very old post but I wanted to remember how we celebrated this past year.

We threw a surprise party for J at the park with all our family and friends.  Drinks, snacks, lawn chairs, and popcorn for the movie!

DJ Turns 2

DJ Turns 2

An update at age 2:

Physical update:

36″ Tall


Walking and running everywhere!


Yes , DJ still had a pacifier (or a bye-bice as she called it).  She didn’t use it all the time, but as you will see from pictures, it still was around.  Luckily, shortly after the birthday, the pacifiers all got “lost” and within one night we pretty much were done with them.    


2013-08-11 08.57.43


In addition to the birthday party we threw for J at the park, we also stayed home and opened presents on her actual birthday.  I made a pink pound cake with two candles.  DJ loved all the birthday banners in the house!

2013-08-11 18.08.33 2013-08-11 10.47.08

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