Fun Facts about an almost two year old

Yes, DJ is almost two! I can’t believe it. I jotted down a few sweet notes about her now that she’s 23 months old.

DJ is obsessed with skin to skin contact. Lately she’s been taking it to the next level and ever so carefully and softly will lay her cheek down on our stomach (after pulling up our shirt). She’s even started to take it one step further and pulls up her shirt and lays down on us belly to belly.

When reading books she will shout "I read, I read". She will try to "read" to us. I know she can say words and describe things on the pictures but all she says is baby talk like "blah blah blah, goo goo goo".

We are practicing holding up two figures to show how old she is. She has finally started getting it on her own and will shout "I did it!" with her two little sweet fingers up in the air.

She’s also been getting into dress up and accessories. The other morning she let me put on her clothes, but then she ran off to her dress up bin to gather these accessories. I tried to just put the scarf around her neck, but she insisted that it be tied on her head!


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