Choo Choo Tracks

For the past couple weeks DJ has been getting excited when we drive over the railroad tracks by our house and go “bump”. Now any big bump we go over when driving she asks “Choo Choo tracks?”

Tonight we finally caught a train at the tracks and were the first car. We rolled down the windows and the train blew its horn! Her eyes got so wide and a big smile came over her face. As the train cars went by her little eyes darted back and forth trying to get a good look at each car.

Such a simple memory but she enjoyed it so much.


At least this time she was awake in the car! This picture is from last weekend after playing at Grandmas house.


One thought on “Choo Choo Tracks

  1. SO sweet! Love sleeping babe pictures!

    Thanks for sharing the info about blueberry picking on my blog — I LOVE fresh blueberries, so will plan on picking once it’s time! Looks like we have a lot in common: cloth diapes, working to make our living rooms prettier, working on big girl rooms, all that fun stuff!

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