Big Girl Room – Transition

We started a few months ago tossing around ideas for DJ’s big girl room.  We have always agreed that the front (smaller) room was a great nursery, but she would be transitioned to the back bedroom once she got older.  The back bedroom is larger and quieter being down a hallway instead of right off the living room.  The closet is slightly smaller but with more floor space for playing, its a good trade off.

So, we started on the room, just wanting to work on it slowly over time with the thought that we would transition her when she was closer to age 2.  You can see here what we got accomplished and called Phase 1 complete.

What we didn’t expect was that she would be so excited about her “pink” room and her big girl beds that she would want to sleep in there immediately.  It started last week with a Saturday afternoon nap.  We laid down to read books and when I told her it was nap time, she just turned her head to the side and fell asleep!  I laid there for a minute and sure enough she was asleep and I crawled out of bed without her noticing.

What made me so excited about that nap was that she slept in that bed for over 2 hours.  We had been struggling with nap times on the weekends in her cribs, and her naps had only been about 45 minutes, even though she was obviously still tired.  She normally sleeps 2.5-3 hours at daycare, so these 45 minute naps at home weren’t cutting it.  I was amazed that she slept SO well in her big girl bed.

So, the next weekend, we got another great Saturday nap from her, so we figured we should try for overnight that weekend.  Saturday night we did the same thing with a few books and then she feel right asleep.   We made sure to bring the monitor into the new room and turned the volume up really high so we could hear if she got out of bed.  She stirred once around midnight but went right back down and slept until 5:30am (her normal wake up time).  We were very pleased!  Sunday night was the same and its been getting better and better since!

I guess we really need to get on Phase 2 of her room and will update with the finishing touches soon!

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