Vacation Day 6 – Disney


Today we are off to magic kingdom.

DJ woke up about thirty minutes before the alarm went off but she was happy to see that dad had arrived and was jumping like a monkey in the bed. The extra thirty minutes gave us some nice family time because we have really missed being all together. Of course DJ was really concerned about where Mason was since dad was with us. It also meant we got to see sunrise over the ocean from our balcony.

She also was happy to have Js cooking back. He made her eggs and sausage. Her favorite! She eats almost two eggs herself plus a sausage link or two.

And by 6:50 am like all work days we were out the door. Our goal is to pick up our tickets and be there for the opening of the park with the welcome from Mickey of course!

Gigi and AL are joining us over here too which will be great to have the extra hands. Our stroller is loaded down with a cooler, snack bag, diaper bag, and extra clothes. We can’t wait, here we go!!


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