I thought I understood the feeling of being proud.  I thought I was a proud momma when she rolled over.  I thought I was a proud mom when people told me how cute she was.  I thought I was proud when she learned new words.

Yesterday I learned a whole new level of being a proud mom.

I walked into DJ’s class to pick her up like any normal afternoon.  The class was sitting at the table waiting for snack.  Her teacher came over and said “DJ can’t leave yet, I was just about to give her a sticker because she was the only friend who helped clean up toys before snack time”.

I cannot tell you how proud I am that she is learning and CHOOSING to listen and to help.  I told her over and over on the car ride home how proud I was of her. We told J when he got home about how she helped and she got to show him her sticker.  I know its hard for her to understand at 18 months but I hope she can see and feel how proud I am of her!


2 thoughts on “Proud

  1. I thought I knew how proud I was of you for becoming the teenager you were, the college student you were, the daughter & sister you are, the young lady you have become, the career minded business woman, yet to see what a phenomenal mother you are, well it’s a whole other way you have made us proud and we have been blessed by you. DJ is a loved little girl, and I remember those little moments of being proud of a little girl just like her!

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