Valentines Day preschool party

This year for valentines day, I got to go to DJs school for her valentine’s day party.   That morning, I told her she was having a party, and she started singing “Happy Birthday”.  It was a bit hard to try to explain that it wasn’t going to be a birthday party but I tried my best!    She was so excited when I walked into her classroom and couldn’t wait for me to sit next to her with all of her classmates.


She showed me the little heart drawn on the table and immediately went for the frosting on the cupcake!


Oops, we got a bit of frosting on our neck!


Here are all her friends in her class.  Some got quite dressed up for this party.  Notice the girl in the tutu next to her?  And the girl in the formal dress standing at the end of the table?!?  DJ was pretty comfortable in her t-shirt and yoga pants!


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