18 month shots

Last week, DJ had to go to the doctor for her 18 month check up! I grabbed her at 11:30 which was right after lunch and before nap so she wasn’t too excited at the doctors office. She is growing like crazy and back up in the 90th percentile. She weighs about 29lbs and is about 33 inches tall. He said she looked very health!


The odd mismatched clothes are from daycare because it was spaghetti day when I picked her up she she had to wear a back up outfit!

She did great for her three shots and she fell right asleep on her cot when I took her back to daycare. That night however, she was very stiff and sore in the legs where she got the shots. The nurse said the tetnus part of the shot would cause this but it should go away. She was so sad and pitaful just sitting on her couch and wouldn’t walk or play. She constantly wanted one of us sitting right there with her.

I remembered a Christmas gift we had bought but not given to her (she was too young for it at the time and didn’t need it), but I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. It was a Fisher Price doctor’s kit, very similar to the one I grew up with! The last thing she needs is more toys but since we just had a doctor’s visit I thought she would understand and be able to play pretend.


She loved opening the wrapped present even though she wouldn’t get up off her couch.

20130207-144306.jpg20130207-144331.jpgHer favorite part of the kit is the cardboard eye chart!

20130207-144316.jpgShe checked her ears just like the doctor did.

20130207-144345.jpgAnd then we did a full check up on the baby doll.


20130207-144417.jpgShe is starting to talk to her baby dolls and let them sit next to her.

20130207-144527.jpgHere she is rocking her baby doll and rubbing her belly like we do when we put her to sleep.

After a playing with our new toy and eating dinner, her legs were still very stiff and sore, so we decided a nice hot bath might help. She stayed in for almost thirty minutes and actually leaned up against the side of the tub to relax and play with her toys and sponges. Luckily these are the last shots she will need until she starts kindergarten.



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