Walks with DJ


I’m sorry family up North, but we are enjoying some beautiful winter weather. Most days it feels more like spring. DJ loves to get outside and Mason is always out with us. He is such a good dog and stays in the yard so we never put a leash on him. But lately she has been wanting to take him for a walk and hold the leash. There is a nice dead end road by our house so its pretty safe for her to walk on since we don’t have sidewalks.


Here they are all set to go. He is so good and doesn’t pull her. I’m glad we spent lots of time training him. 20130201-135247.jpg

They are so sweet together. The road to the right is the dead end that we walk down.


She is pretty independent these days but usually after a few steps she turns around to make sure Mom or Dad are with her.


On this walk, I pointed out this stop sign. I am not sure she knows what the word stop means, but she thought I said it was a “stomp” sign. She was stomping her feet all over the street!



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