Toddler Bath Routine

Bath time is one of our favorite parts of the evening. She is often in the tub for about 15-20 minutes! That’s a long time to be in one place for our active toddler.

Here is some of the bath gear that we have. For us bath time is simple and a break away from all the toys. Actually documenting all this actual makes me realize that she hardly even plays with half of these in the bath!

First we have a frog water spout cover. This is just a cheap one from Walmart. Nothing special needed. We also have a rubber frog bath non-slip mat that we love. These are only like $10 but really worth it. She loves her bath but when she slips on the tub she gets very scared and uneasy. The frog bath may prevents that.


She also has these foam letters which have been really helpful now that she is learning her letters in the class.  I try not to have all of them in the bath at once but just take out a few that I know she is learning about.

In this picture she is painting with shaving cream which is one of her favorite bath time activities!


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