Cooking with a toddler

One of my other goals was to work on getting DJ to help more in the kitchen.  One morning I let her drag this chair (our computer chair) over to the kitchen and “help” make pancakes.  She loved it so much that now she randomly will drag the chair into the kitchen to cook something even if we aren’t in there.

As I looked around the kitchen there are plenty of fun things a toddler can do in the kitchen to “help”.

First we started with peeling oranges and bananas.  This is a great way to get her to sit in her high chair quietly for an extra 20 minutes while I prep food.  This picture is a bit dark and grainy because it was taken around 6:30 am while we were getting ready for school one morning.  She doesn’t always eat the orange after the peels it, so I just throw it in the fridge for later.


Next we practiced stirring things.  We have these great OXO bowls that have rubber on the bottom to help prevent slipping.  They work great for a toddler that loves to stir ferociously but isn’t great at holding onto the bowl.  We started with pancakes but have moved on to other things.  This picture was taken from when we made jello.  She has quickly learned that licking the bowl is the fun part.


Last Saturday I decided to venture a bit further with her to see what kitchen tools she might be able to handle.  We had a bunch of apples in the fridge that needed to be cut up so we washed the apples and got out the peeler.  I couldn’t get a good picture of it, because peeling the apples required me to stand behind her and hold my hands over hers to peel the apple.  Really I was doing the work, but her little hands were in there and now she knows how we peel apples.  After the apples were peeled, we got out the apple slicer.  Again, I had my hands over hers and we pushed down to slice the apples.  We practiced peeling and slicing several apples and I just threw them in a bowl to save in the fridge.


Note: this picture shows her practicing “slicing” a piece of star fruit.  We also were having a “start” morning.  We ate star fruit, draw stars on our paper (see the yellow crayon) and sang her new favorite song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 


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