My current cloth diaper roation

After a year of cloth diapering I thought I would write about what we currently have working for us since we have a 28lb toddler and our needs have changed a bit.

My first set of cloth diapers were the grovia hybrids (three shown at top right). I loved them when she was smaller. They still fit (at the largest rise and barely around her big belly). The problem is now she pees a lot more and they aren’t the best for lots of wetness. They are more of a backup diaper but I can’t get rid of them.

Next I used a lot of BG 4.0 (5 shown at the top left). I still love the fit of these at the medium or largest height setting. They still fit great around her legs especially the ones that have tighter elastic. However I tossed all my BG inserts because they just wouldn’t clean right. Since I had to “retire” my beloved medium Charlie bananas I use those inserts in the BG pockets.

I do have one large Charlie banana (green center) that u still use a lot. I just love the fleece in these. I also have an old FuzziBuz large (pink right center) that fits but I don’t love the open unfinished pocket opening. It is nice though the size of these pockets for stuffing in a prefold.


Sometime throughout all this, I added two BumGenius Elementals (Blue and B/W print center left).  They are all in ones and I wanted to try them.  I am having trouble keeping microfiber clean, so I went with the Elementals over the Freetimes because I wanted the organic cotton.  I am glad I did because these really do stay pretty clean for us.


Along the same line, I invested in a pink Flip (bottom center) and a set of three organic prefolds.  I LOVE this and wish daycare would take these.  They never leak and they hold SO much.  They come so clean since it all comes apart.   I am going to look into the Flip trainers for potty training.

Last but not least I got into the Thirsties Duo Diapers and I currently have 7 (I had 8 but one went missing).  I love the hemp/MF combo on the inserts to these.  I also love that after a day or two of sitting in a wet bag, I do not have to unstuff before I dump them in the washer!  I literally dump them in the washer!

I am starting to sell off a few diapers that we don’t use and just don’t need.  I want to get some cash to start looking into trainers since hopefully potty training isn’t too far out of our future!

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