Baby dolls



Lately DJ has been getting more and more into her baby dolls.  I love this because I too had a special baby doll that came everywhere with me.  Her name was Justine and She sat fully dressed on the shelf in DJ’s closet.

One day D asked for the baby on the shelf.  I was a bit hesitant but we got Justine down and I told her that this was “mommy’s baby”.  She played with her for a minute and I put Justine back up on the shelf.  I told my mom about this and she asked why I didn’t leave Justine down for DJ to play with.  I guess I was worried that poor old Justine couldn’t handle being toted around by a toddler again, but my mom made a great point that Justine had pretty much already seen the worst of things with me.

So, I let DJ take Justine down, and wouldn’t you know, she loved her and insisted on having both the babies ride in the car with her on the way to school!  I love that she is turning into a little momma!


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