Still on bottles

At 17 months my little girl still loves her bottles. It’s funny because as a baby she was never attached to bottles because she was nursed so much. That excited baby squeal and excitement when they see a bottle. Never from her. But if I sat down in our seat on the couch for milk so would get so excited and snort like a pig (ok this was a short phase but so cute).

It wasn’t until after a year old that she started getting attached to milk. I am trying to wean her during the day and give her sippy cups. Often though the only thing she will take if I can’t nurse her is a bottle. So at 17 months she still has a bottle.


Most often though its a comfort thing and she still wants to nurse but will hold onto her bottle closely until she’s asleep and we can take it away.



At this point I’m not sure how to cut out the bottles. We will probably have to go cold turkey and get them all out of the house. I need to be careful though because she still needs her milk and I don’t want her to revert to nursing more. Any suggestions?


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