Cloth Diapers – We made it a year!

Wow! I just realized that we have been using cloth diapers for almost a year. I remember starting out at the suggestion of a friend (I didn’t have a good reason not to try). I was so confused at all the options and brands.

Just to update where we are after a year from where we started with just a Grovia starter set (2 shells and 4 inserts).

The 2 GroVia shells are holding up ok. The H&L is rolling over a bit even though they are line dried. The fit is still wonderful on my LO now that she is 15 months and 26lbs. We did end up buying a few more snap in soakers but don’t use them that often. Even though these offer the flexibility to pull out the soaker and re-use the shell, we often just wash both pieces at each change.

We also invested in several Bum Genius 4.0 Pocket Diapers. They are just ok. I hate the inserts and some of my pockets have relaxed elastic in the legs even with line drying. It causes leaks some times either out the leg hole or from pressure. We also have 2 BG Elementals and they have held up great! I don’t always like the fit of these and how the inner cotton bunches up.

We also have several Charlie Bananas (size M) that I got on sale from zulily. We really love how soft these are and the pocket opening in front. It is a microfiber insert but each diaper comes with two and they seem to be holding up better than the BG4.0 microfiber inserts.

Lastly, we did go back and try a Thristies Duo Diaper (their pocket diaper). I really like the fit of these and I LOVE the insert. The velcro on these does not hold up at all. Again, no trouble with leaks.

To try to save our pockets even though our inserts were shot, I bought a pack of 3 organic Flip prefolds. I love these. They hold SO much and never stink. The flip cover is nice too (wipes out unlike Grovia) if you want to do the prefold plus a cover route.

We have had good luck with our wash routine and our front loader. I have the Heavy Duty setting saved with a pre-rinse, extra wash, and extra rinse. I wash every two days and because of the liners it’s really just a matter of dumping them in the washer and letting it do its thing for two hours!

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