Peeling and painting

This past weekend j got motivated to take some action against the final bit of wallpaper in our house. See the sellers were tricky tricky people. I bet from before pictures you would say “what wallpaper?” It looks like a nice basic kitchen with white walls.


Those sneaky sellers painted the all paper white so when we bought the house we didn’t notice the ugly paper hiding beneath. We had already removed ugly paper from the long wall on the living room and all three bathrooms. The kitchen was the last of the paper.

We visited a friends house this week and loved the gray blue color she had in her kitchen and she even let us take home the can to test. In my mind picking a paint color is half the battle so while J was at work Saturday I decided to tackle the ugly paper.


Here is the sample color painted on the wall!

Saturday and Sunday we stripped wallpaper and luckily the glue came off easily by just wetting it with hot water. By the fourth wallpaper remover we have tried chemical removers, steamers, and razor blades. Hot water just seems to work the best.

Since the wallpaper was applied directly to the dry wall we had to give the walls some texture. We’ve done this on the other projects and its an extra step but not terrible. While we were mixing the texture into the primer the guys at the big box store recommended to tint the primer some. Well as you can see below it was really dark. We tried to paint a light color on top which worked well but was basically white.


J was so cooperative with this project and even though the ugly paper came off easily we now had too dark primer covered with too light paint basically bringing us back to the same white kitchen (although sans ugly paper). J and I agreed this was a lot of hassle to go through to just end up with another white kitchen so we went off to get darker paint. By the second coat it looks great!!


But see that ugly scalloped board. Guess what! It came off. It might have required some whining and literally stomping of the feet but J agreed to take it down!!!


Such a wonderful added bonus to the project! We have no more wall paper, have a great wall color AND the scalloped board is gone!


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