First Potty

Today after nap and nursing she was tugging at her diaper. I ask if she needed to poo and she said yes. For the first time I got out her new potty. I sat it next to the big on and explained the big one was mommy’s potty and the little one her potty. She was very excited but I didn’t expect anything more then her having a place to sit while I used the bathroom. However. We sat we wiped and she wanted to do it again. So we sat and wiped again. She wanted to do it again and was really thinking when sitting there. Next thing I knew she went pee in the potty!! A full pee! With lots of excitement and praise we cheered!
After lunch she asked to go potty again and went into the bathroom. When she sat down on her potty she realized I was watching her from the kitchen. As cute as a button she got up and closed the bathroom door and went back to her business!!!

I guess I better start thinking about a potty training plan!



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