16 month DJ update

16 Month Update

Wow, its hard to believe you are 16 months old already DJ! This update is coming in the form of a letter instead of the usual bulleted list. You are becoming such a "little person" that I love talking to you!

Finally you have a good sleep routine going! Every night after dinner we have some play time and sometimes a bath. As you get tired, you will ask for milk (still showing the sign) or even look at Dad and ask for a "baba" (bottle). You usually prefer to snuggle with me on the couch but will often look over your shoulder to make sure Dad is still sitting on the couch with us. You alternate between bottle and nursing. Sometimes just holding the bottle but wanting to nurse. Other times you drink the bottle, but pull my hand onto your cheek so you can feel I am close. It is rare that you fall asleep with your milk anymore. Usually we finish or you get fidgity and we start our bedtime routine.

As we get off the couch, we say goodnight to everything in the house. You wave and sometimes blow kisses as we walk around and say night night to Daddy, Mason, the Christmas Tree, Baby Jesus in the manger, the TV, the snowman by the TV, and the pictures of mommy and daddy on the wall. By the time we get to your room you are ready to snuggle in and put your head on my shoulder and tuck your hands down by your side and we say our prayers. There is a bit of fidgiting as I lay you in your crib but we start the music on your seahorse and you flip onto your belly. After a bit of shhhhing and rubbing your back, you settle into a comfortable position and slowly I leave you for the night and close your door!

You sleep now from about 7:30 pm – 5:30 am. Its a good solid 10 hour stretch and it seems to be about as long as you will go without wanting some food. In the morning, you come to bed and nurse and I close my eyes for a little longer. As you start to wake up, you will usually pop up and ask for Dad. He rolls over and says goodmorning and you will usually go over and give him a hug. It is the sweetest way to start our morning every day. Dad turns on the TV for a little while (Sesamee Street is on from 5:30-6am and Barney comes on from 6-6:30am) and you sit for a few minutes longer in bed.

Monday through Friday you go to daycare full time. The center is open from 6:30-6:30 but you are usually there from about 7am-5pm (or earlier if Daddy picks you up). In the mornings, Dad still packs your bags and I get you ready. You like to play and aren’t always the most cooperative. Your favorite part is when I ask if you are ready to go outside and get in the car! Sometimes its a clear morning and we can see the moon out still. We sing songs in the 7 minute drive to the daycare center and I carry you in.

You are now in the toddler room at daycare since Thanksgiving. You seem to like it but there is a mean girl that bites often. When I drop you off you eat a small breakfast and then a full breakfast with the class around 8 am. At 10am you get to go outside or do circle time. 11:30 is lunch and after that it is nap time. You sleep on a little cot with a sheet and a blanket. The teachers say you are the best napper and can sleep through just about anything. It is amazing to walk into the room and see a bunch of toddlers laying down sleeping all at the same time! Usually you sleep about 2 hours at daycare but sometimes you can sleep up to three hours and the teachers have to wake you up!

You are doing so well with feeding yourself food. To get you to eat meat and such you sometimes like to dip the pieces in ketchup or BBQ sauce. You don’t love your veggies but the favorites seem to be frozen peas, trees (broccoli) and carrots shaped like balls. To help fill you up, you love pouches that have some spinach in them so you get those when you want them!

Our favorite time of day is after dinner when we can sit on the floor and play with you. You love to either climb on us or drag us over to your toys and ask us to play. It is so fun to see your imagination expanding and your dexterity developing as you try to learn new things. This month you have loved playing with your little people nativity set that includes a baby jesus and many animals. You also have started coloring on the magnadoodle and can put the little magnet stamps back in their spots. Even though your feet reach the floor now on your cars, you still love for us to push you around on them.

Last week we had to go out and get you some extra clothing in size 18-24 month. You are growing so much and almost weigh 27 pounds! It so much fun to see you growing. You are practicing repeating our words like outside, back up, book, milk, fish, snowman, and tree.

This Christmas is going to be so much fun to see it all through your eyes. We love you big girl!


One thought on “16 month DJ update

  1. This is so exciting to read. M is going to be your daughter’s age next year at this time so it is fun to see what we have to look forward to! I hope we’re still nursing then, as well. At least a PM or AM nurse.

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