Last night we took DJ to the downtown tree lighting and parade. We had wonderful weather and clear skies to make for a beautiful night.

As we walked through downtown and neared the festivities I though we should put on our Christmas gear. To be funny I put on these old reindeer antler headband that I think we got for mason a few years back as a joke. What I didn’t expect was that DJ would turn around in the stroller and ask to wear them (by asking I mean pointing to them on my head and then patting her head then confirmed with a vigorous head shake when I asked her if she wanted them). So of course I let her try them on and snapped a quick picture thinking she would yank them off immediately. Instead she not only smiles and let me take a picture she kept them on and asked for them back every time they fell off!


As we walked through the light and decorations, all she saw was the blue balloons that everyone else had. From the stroller she was lunging for any balloon that passed us by. Before she ripped off a balloon from another kid, we quickly asked another parent and found the tent giving away the balloons a few blocks over. She loved the balloon tied onto her stroller and immediately relaxed and started dancing in the stroller to the live band music.

We got lined up early for a place on the street to watch the parade. We had a few snacks and got to pet some nice fluffy old English sheepdog puppies that reminded us of Finally.

Just as she about ran out of patience the jingle bell run started. We had to hold her back from running out towards every dog that ran past us! After the runners the parade began.

We got a seat right up from and she sat on my lap.  After each float would pass, she would turn back to look at me and ask “Mo, Mo” (More).  We noticed every Snowman that passed and danced to every drum.  We sat and watched the parade for an hour and a half.  It was amazing considering that was an hour and a half past bedtime!  Unfortunately we didn’t make it to the very end to see Santa.  I really wanted to see her hear Santa say “Ho Ho Ho” but it was getting late.  We changed into PJ’s for the ride home and she was asleep not 5 minutes down the road!!


The Christmas Season has begun!!  Seeing it through her eyes is amazing!


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