16 month update

Age: 16 months
Weight: ~ 26lbs

Newest words: diaper, milk, thank you, football, outside, moon, rock, bible, yes and no!

Signs: baby is the newest

New developmental skills: Putting on clothes including your jacket and hat. You try to put on shoes and socks too! Getting better at using silverware to feed yourself.

Sleep: Bedtime is 7:30pm and wake up is 5:30 am (10 hours) and a two hour nap from 12-2.
Favorite foods: Greek Yogurt, rice cakes, grape jelly

Least favorite food: vegetables

Things I love: Being outside, looking for squirrels and the moon!

Things I hate: doing anything you don’t want to do and not being understood!

Cool things that I’ve done this month: First week long trip at GiGi’s house and our first trip to the zoo!


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