Tough Daycare Drop Offs

Today was a tough drop off day at daycare. After spending a week with grandma and then two full days with mom she is just having a hard time adjusting back to a structured life.
Normally tough drop offs don’t bother me. I understand that every child goes through those phases and they really do stop crying most often before I leave the building. But it still breaks your heart.

Also, they are hoping to transition her up to the next classroom. We are considering another center since she is transitioning anyways. It has caused me to just notice every little thing about our center and all the little things I like/don’t like. It is just so tough finding a place that is good enough for her.

The things I like about our current center (where she has been since she was 3 months old).
– Very bright
– Good security (could be better though)
– Large classrooms (although lots of kids)
– Friendly staff
– Policies that ensure safe and healthy children


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