14 Months – A True Toddler

Age: 14 Months
Weight: 24lbs
Height Over 30 inches
Words:  You are doing so good on talking!  Not only using your sign language but actually starting this month to try to say more words.  You can pretty clearly say momma and dadda although you don’t often call out to us by name.  You call Mason by patting on your legs to call him over, it is so cute!  You are very expressionate with your facial expressions, often using a scowl face to let us know you are displeased.  You very clearly understand what we are saying to you.  For example, we have tried to teach you to ask for help instead of screaming.  One day, you were trying to do something and couldn’t, you got my attention but couldn’t ask with the words.  I asked if you needed help, and you clearly responded and shook your head yes.
New developmental skills: Running!  You get so excited at being able to run fast!!  You also are getting very good at recognizing the Seminoles and doing the chop.
Sleep:  Finally doing much better through the night.  You finally dropped the second nap.  Typically you sleep about 2 hours at daycare (12-2pm) and go to bed at 7:30 pm.  Unfortunately you have been waking up around 5 am for some morning nursings.  I think you just want to come cuddle so we may need to figure out a way to break this habit.
Food: You are starting to be more picky in your food choices.  You still love all kinds of fruit, especially grapes and whole pears or apples.  You love spicy things and foods with lots of flavor!  You still love to nurse and on the weekends you frequently ask for some quiet time with mom.
Size clothing:  Into 18 month clothing already! Almost into 24 month footed PJ’s because you are so tall!
One day after school you are asking for milk even though you have a drink in your other hand!

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