October Photo Challenge Day 9

Upside Down
DJ discovered fall leaves this week.  It is finally dropping below 80 here and the humidity seems to have gone away for now.  It has been this beautiful time of year where the mornings and evenings are cool and crisp and daylight still lasts until 7:30 pm or so.

We love to play in the evenings in our front yard and she is learning all about trees and birds and now leaves.  Although, she can’t figure out why there are some leaves on the ground and some on the trees.  She picks up a leaf on the ground and then will point up to our big tall trees and almost ask like “See mom, there are more up there”.

DJ Pointing to Fall LeavesShe collected the leaves and was so careful with them.  She didn’t want to crunch them so she carried them carefully by the stem!

DJ Holding Leaves Upside Down

Plus who doesn’t love fall weather where babies can wear cute little jeans!  PS, yes the front her her shirt is soaked.  It is just water.  We had just gotten home from dinner and she is practicing being a big girl at restaurants and drinking from a big kid cup of water.  We made the mistake of letting her hold it on the car ride home.

I mean, look how happy she was to hold her cup of water in that cute little crook of her arm!

This post is part of a photo challenge for the month of October.  See the full list on the agenda here!

Day 2 – Fashion

Day 8 – Close-Up


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