Breastfeeding a Toddler

My goal of breastfeeding was always 1 year, but I never knew what to say when people asked when I was going to “stop”.  I guess I never really understood the question.  How am I supposed to decided when to stop feeding my baby?

Toddler nursingIt is so much fun to nurse and get to interact with her!  Here she is pointing to the camera that I was holding up high. 

Pumping took up a lot of time at work.  I was thankful my supply was able to keep up, but I certainly did not have an over supply by any means.  The last few months due to some business trips, I did not have ANY freezer stash.  That was stressful knowing that I needed to pump enough if my baby wanted to eat the next day.  So, you can imagine why, at the end of a year, I was happy to give up the pump.

However, giving up the pump wasn’t as easy as I thought.  DJ was sick around that time and she started nursing A LOT in that period.  So first of all my supply shot back up and it was hard to go 8 hours during the day without pumping.

A few weeks after her first birthday, I had gotten down to one pumping session at work which gave her about 4 ounces of breastmilk for daycare plus morning and night nursings. I really wanted to stop pumping but was so scared I wouldn’t be able to nurse at least twice a day.

Now that she is 14 months old, we are in a pretty good routine.  We nurse in the mornings, sometimes in bed if she wakes up early otherwise still at daycare.  When I get home from work she is ready for some cuddles and some milk so we nurse around 5 pm.  This is great because I am still pretty full after 8-10 hours.  We try to nurse again around 7 pm at bedtime but I don’t think she gets much milk.  We have actually been supplementing with formula and cows milk to make sure she is full and can sleep through the night.

So, I am not sure where our breastfeeding journey takes us from here.  I would like to continue nursing her until the age of 2 if possible, however, on the weekends, I would like to eliminate the daytime nursing sessions, especially the ones in public.

This post is part of a photo challenge for the month of October.  See the full list on the agenda here!

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