Spaghetti Night

Last night was spaghetti night. DJ loved the sauce and meatballs but not really the pasta. Well she thought it was funny when I slurped the noodles into my mouth and they would disappear. She would laugh and raise her little hands to say “where did it go”? She did at least try the pasta.


After making such a big mess we went right to the bath. It was a good thing we ate topless! I knew DJ liked the meal because after a few minutes of scrubbing orange sauce off I see her open up her hand and eat a meat ball apparently she was saving! I guess even bath water soaked meatballs were good! To wash it all down she tried to drink out o our bath cup but I wouldn’t let her so she figured out how to “dip” her hands in the water to get them wet and would suck off the water!


One thought on “Spaghetti Night

  1. We haven’t tried spaghetti yet with our 13 month old (guess I’m scared!! haha) but I need to. DJ sure looks like she enjoy the experience! Funny about the bath! Lol

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