Vroom Vroom

Last night I attended the semi annual kids consignment sale that comes to town. Ever since I found out I was pregnant I attended and have loved finding toys, clothes and gear that are gently used and at a great discount.

We really don’t need any more toys right now but one thing I wanted to check for was a little tykes cozy coupe car. DJ played with one at a friends house and just loved it. She loves anything she can push or ride in (although sometimes with her wagon she climbs in and doesn’t understand why it’s not moving)!

Poor girl has been home sick for two days and when I walked up to the house after being at work and then shopping all day I could hear her crying. I’m sure J was ready for a break. It was so much fun to walk in the door with this new car toy and see her face light up. I quickly wiped a wet rag over it and let her play away for the next hour!



For $15 I think it was a great purchase and we can just add it to our line up of other big toys that are parked in the corner of our living room!



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