Current favorite book -rainforest wonders

In the past few months DJ has gotten really into reading her books. It is so sweet to see her go pick out a book and bring it over and ask to read it. We don’t have a set reading or story time in our routine yet but I feel like we are getting plenty of reading in every day. I love when they go through little phases of favorite books and I always want to remember these books we read over and over and over again. Besides nursing, reading books with her cuddled up in my lap is one of my favorite memories.20120923-061833.jpg

Currently our favorite book is “Rainforest Wonders”. We got it from some sweet friends at our baby shower. Now that DJ is wanting to interact with books and is learning animals this is the perfect one. Each page is a short two sentences long and the side of the page has a board that slides out to reveal the animal.


She loves to pull out the side tab and reveal the animal and then push the tab back in before turning the page!


The pages are bright and colorful and are even highlighted with metallic shimmers to catch the light.

I think we read this book about 100 times this weekend!  We have a similar one called “Ocean Wonders” and we will try to change things up, but right now this one is her favorite.


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