Little Memories to Remember

DJ – You are getting so big so fast! I want to cherish every moment and remember it all. Here are a few of my favorite recent memories!
Last week (9/13) – Changing your diaper before school, you wasn’t quite awake so I handed you the HOT pink fuzzy blanket you like to snuggle your face to. As I change your diaper, I notice you sticking your tongue out at me. I kinda laugh and start wondering why you are doing this. I notice the frog embroidered applique on the blanket but still didn’t understand why you are sticking your tongue out. You do the sign for “frog” (for the first time, yea!) so I know you are trying to tell me about the frog. As I look closer, I notice there is a TINY pink speck on the frog for a tongue. You noticed it and were showing me that you could mimic the frog!
Last night (9/16) – I was letting you “help” stir some brownie mix which turned out to be a big mess so I got you a little bowl and a spoon and relentlessly you stirred that imaginary bowl! It was so cute for you to make the connection on how to stir something imaginary in your bowl, in the past, its just been about making noise with the bowl and spoon!


This morning (9/17) – After putting on your shoes before school, you went off and got your baby doll and put her in the wagon and wheeled her to the door to take her to school. It is so sweet that you are learning how to take care of your dolls! I was able to convince you to take the baby but leave the wagon.


This morning (9/17) – Rather than the radio, I typically sing in the car. The two songs we sing most mornings are “This is the day that the Lord has made” and “Jesus Loves Me”. Today after a round of “This is the day” you clearly said “Mo” (your language for more). It made my heart melt that you wanted to sing our morning song again. I pray you continue to praise the Lord every day!




One thought on “Little Memories to Remember

  1. We pray that you know and love the Lord. We give thanks to God for blessing us with you and we are so proud of your mom and the wonderful mother she is becoming. Love you to pieces!

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