Airing my laundry

So I never thought I would post pictures of my underwear on the Internet. Let alone a pair of white ones (I swear they are cute boy short ones not total granny panties). However, when you have a really cute little kid who digs them out of your underwear drawer and proceeds to play with them for 30 minutes I guess that merits some documenting and sharing!

So yes tonight she went into my underwear dresser and pictured out this pair of underwear. She proceeded to play with them and tried to put them on her head. I tried to trade her for at least a more colorful pair but she would have nothing to do with it. Nope she picked out THIS pair.

So now we found it funny that she had this infatuation with THIS pair but the she proceeded to play with them for 20 minutes while we folded laundry. She walked around the house putting them on and off her head, sometimes getting her head stuck and had to pull to get them off. After a while I decided it was time for some blackmail photo documenting even if it included my underwear!

So little girl, someday when you’re older here’s a picture of the night you played with my underwear. I hope we can always have a great sense of humor in our family!



3 thoughts on “Airing my laundry

  1. Brigette did this too! She pulled out every pair I had and put them over her head so she was wearing them as a necklace. I actually have video of it. Of course I already have plenty of blackmail photos of her. LOL.

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