College Ready

DJ and AL at Bryan Hall FSU

This weekend Aunt L (better known as AL or LaLa) moved to be with DJ.  Ok, she didn’t really move her to be with us.  She moved here to go to the great Florida State University.  Whatever the real reason, we are super happy that she is here.  Now both of my siblings live within 5 miles of us!  This weekend DJ and I helped LaLa get moved into her new dorm room.  As you can see above, DJ loved peopled watching on campus.

DJ and AL in dorm room Bryan Hall FSU

There were lots of fun things to play with in LaLas room.  DJ loved the high beds and fun colors.  Some day hopefully she will be starting college and living in the dorms too!

DJ in Mirror Bryan Hall FSU

Her favorite part was the matching “baby” she found there!  She was giving the baby a high five and kisses until she kissed the other “baby” so hard and hit her nose.


Before my mom left, we had a big picnic outside the dorm with the largest pizza we could possible order. It was perfect for DJ because she got to run and play and we could enjoy the nice weather and watching all the students move in.  We really wish my dad and J could have been with us but they had to work.  I think my mom enjoyed having her three kids and one grandchild all to her self though!

We are so happy that LaLa has moved here and can’t wait to see what wonderful things you get to see and do while in college!

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